Renewable energies: On April 22, a demonstration by environmentalists in front of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage

Petition to Franceschini from Citizens for Renewable Italy: “Enough now, unleash renewables!”

[18 Marzo 2022]

On March 25th Renewed Italian Citizensa newly born national coordination to which many of the most authoritative figures of Italian ecology adhere in their personal capacity, will be in all Italian arenas at the global climate event together with the girls and boys of Fridays for the Future, some and some of them committing to coordination, “because the climate crisis It did not stop, with the epidemic, with the war, with the economic crisis and the energy crisis, but rather it is more urgent, more destructive, and more and more calling us to this effort. Systematic change in the economy, politics, the system of production and consumption.”

Meanwhile, Citizens for a Renewed Italy is launching a demonstration on April 22, Earth Day, in front of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, in Rome, “Because on Earth Day we want to say that beauty and landscape are essential and protected values ​​with renewed transformation, and cannot be used against the right In life, environmental transformation, and least of all, as a bureaucratic excuse to prevent clean energy.We have the right to a renewed transformation, now, and we will tell the government all on April 22, inviting the entire environmental world, the renewable economy and energy saving, citizens concerned about the planet, above all Young people will demonstrate .. in the squares on March 25 to be with us on that day.”
For this reason, Citizens for Renewable Energy in Italy also launched petition “Franceschini, that’s enough, unleash renewables!” which they request to sign and publish and which read as follows:

Dear Minister Franceschini, in what game do we play?

The industrialists of our country have announced their willingness to invest 85 billion to install 60 gigawatts of new renewable energies over the next three years, which is equivalent to a third of the connection orders for new plants that have already been submitted to Terna. An outdated and incomprehensible veto against the regulatory bodies, and thus the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, in your ministry.

Our country must install at least 10 gigawatts annually over the next 10 years to meet international climate commitments.

More and more urgent commitments, in the face of the near-apocalyptic warnings shared by all the sciences of the world, and the increasingly tangible consequences of climate change: on agriculture, in urban areas, on public health, on the landscape itself, which will not be defended, but doomed to fail. , slow down the clean energies.

Not to mention the huge issue of independence and energy security that, in these terrible times of war, is more troublesome than ever.

Despite all this, we have instead, since 2013, been at less than 1 gigawatt per year, less than a tenth of what is needed, with no signs of improvement.

Honorable Minister Franceschini, don’t you want to tell us that all the projects maintained by your Ministry are all destructive and unacceptable, while the millions of renewable plants that have swarmed the planet, up and running for years, have destroyed absolutely nothing?

Only here in Italy are they destined to be such a disaster, to the point of favoring fossil suicide, or the return of nuclear power?

No one believes that the person responsible for this situation is only you, but it is time for everyone to take their share of the responsibility, in the face of a necessary and irreversible change.

The responsibility of those who lead the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, in our opinion, is to end this absurd suicidal war on clean energies forever, and to open a new season of positive collaboration, focused on how to change the landscape, even in cohesion. . With the European conventions on this subject, to build a new scene of ecological transition, harmonious and worthy of a country like ours, rich in a beauty that we do not want to lose, but must change itself, host and integrate energies that will save us from disaster..

Depending on your attention and sensitivity, we immediately make ourselves available for a constructive dialogue at any time.

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