Will Austin be the next city to accept them?

There are more cities in the USA that are pushing towards cryptocurrency. To the already active list, it was added today as well Austin Which has agreed to a fact-finding study in the industry for adoption Bitcoin in civilian uses. To announce this interesting news was Mayor Steve Adler, who said in a tweet:

Blockchain was the subject of a huge discussion among the 25 mayors who attended #SXSW [South by Southwest]. Everyone is looking for innovative solutions to municipal challenges and this may be an option we are looking at in Austin.

In practice, Austin would like to test the feasibility of a possible adoption of Bitcoin and other digital assets. In this way, citizens will be allowed to pay taxes Through crypto assets. A bit like Florida said yes to cryptocurrency taxes.

This news is an increase positive vibes The second largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization. adoption Bitcoin It is rising, and so is its price. It is currently being traded on $44,222with a market capitalization – at the time of writing – of $839.64 billion.

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Austin sees a future in Bitcoin

So it is no coincidence that Austin Thinking about the future in Bitcoin. In fact, the cryptocurrency queen is increasingly being viewed as a safe haven asset to protect eveneconomic inflation. A kind of digital gold that allows anyone to protect their wealth, without the winds of war, monetary crises and more taking it away. Speaking of blockchain, here’s what Mayor Adler had to say at the South by Southwest Festival:

The possibilities of blockchain applications are endless. I’ve heard of many innovators combining NFT and ownership interests in artworks to sell later, allowing artists and investors to come together without intermediaries and giving each one more control over their own assets.

Resolution urges consideration of BTC adoption

she was Precision Introduced by Councilman Mackenzie Kelly to push the mayor into scrutiny of what’s possible adoption from Bitcoin in the city. We talk about financial transactions, advantages and disadvantages of just using digital currency and much more.

Kelly has been interested in him for about a year Cryptocurrency and theirs Civil uses. Its decision calls for a progress report in June 2022. This should clarify many ideas about the possibility of allowing, for example, the payment of taxes in Bitcoin. Here is what he wrote about him in his email:

One potential use of the city’s cryptocurrency is the opportunity to pay for city services and property taxes. This can provide flexibility for people who may not have a bank account or the traditional payment methods that the city has historically adopted.

Kelly also identified that one of the determining factors in this study would be “Market changes related to cryptocurrency […] To determine whether a payment method is acceptable or not“.

The fact that major US cities or US states are considering adoption Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies are generating interest in this sector. You can buy the cryptocurrency queen through one of the most important exchanges in the world. We are talking about Binance, the platform with the largest trading volume.

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