Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano | Week of unification and recovery

A very interesting week for a scientist Bitcoinfrom Ethereum The best assets that are part of this sector. The market, at least at the time of writing, appears to have found a good market lowerwhich is a good support in terms of price.

Can you continue? what will Challenges Next week and in general for the future of the market? We will try to understand this in our in-depth analysis that will analyze the most important news of the week.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Week is Full of Great Signals

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Bitcoin Week: Between Mexico, Russia, BlackRock and Wikipedia

It’s been a busy week for Bitcoin, mainly outside the financial markets. But let’s go in order.

It was news, at least in our opinion, not completely understood. Because many have witnessed the full opening of Russia towards BTC dollars. In reality this would not be the case: it would be legal to make payments to us between compatible parties, but for exchange There will be significant restrictions in place. The real news in this case is, at least in our opinion, Bitcoin It’s so powerful that it has to force nearly every government on Earth to deal with it (and forget about the possibility of banning it), with some rare exceptions.

  • It’s complicated in Mexico

This wouldn’t be the first time a politician has taken advantage of it, especially if he’s not famous Bitcoin To get a lot of publicity, even at the international level. And according to what has been circulated over the past week, this was the case in Mexico where one popular now loyal senator BTC dollars He would also vote for CBDC Country. Not exactly what many expected Bitcoin. Peace: It happens and it will continue to happen. The interesting thing remains Bitcoin You do not need the support of any politician to thrive.

And it will not be a real change of the soul, but perhaps rest dictated. There is also the following: BlackRock is not a charitable organization but works for the welfare of its shareholders. Here, too, the good news differs from what we can understand by superficial reading of the event. The interesting news is that even a giant of this proportions must be moving forward Downstream. And finally flow in favor of BTC dollars.

What is happening on the other fronts?

It was also an interesting week for a scientist Altcoins and Cryptocurrencieswith good news that would also indicate the formation of the support Interesting in terms of market price – as well as in terms of sentiment.

Not that there was a specific date before, but I still read clearly that Merge This will not be done until after the fall, which surprised many. The good news? Markets are completely uninterested in it, indicating that the actual access of Merge It can already become a catalyst for new growth.

In addition to the suggestion Charles Hoskinson to Elon MuskWe are preparing for the next stable split in June, which could really drive adoption, as it should make the entire protocol more efficient. Will it work to attract new investors? we will see. The fact is that even here, despite frequent disagreements (and sometimes with good grounds), the price is still very interesting.

It now appears that there is very little doubt among even the most skeptical. And that too, for a protocol that enthusiasts probably hate the most, is a sign of the sector’s strength. Of course, it would probably be better if the characters were related to ripple there Stop funding campaigns against Bitcoinbut it may be too late.

After the Easter holidays, we will return to trading and investing with more interesting volumes. And who knows we won’t see those bullish moves that we’ve been waiting for some time. Bullish moves we can take advantage of if this happens Capital.comHere is the free demo account with unlimited virtual capital ( Also ideal for automatic cryptocurrency trading ) – probably best for high volatility, with an almost endless cipher list.

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