For Ukraine, NFTs are a way to rebuild the country from war

The world is currently in the midst of a crisis due to the uncertainty created by the latest crisis war between Russia and Ukraine. Stock markets are feeling the effects of geopolitical tensions, as are the financial systems of many countries. Recent increases in the price of fuel, food and electricity – to name a few – are putting the consensus of many governments in serious trouble, but also most families who are now struggling to make it to the end of the month. In all of this, a glimmer of light comes from the cryptocurrency market and specifically from NFT and cryptocurrencies.

These two crypto players are already doing a lot for themselvesUkraine, allowing it to rebuild a country that has been constantly plagued by the consequences of conflict. The Russian invasion, which surprised everyone recently, showed how digital assets and the traditional financial system can work together. In this regard, the Ukrainian government signed, last week, a bill to legalize Cryptocurrency in the state.

In addition, Ukraine announced that it is working to implement NFT . Museum Which will symbolize the ongoing war. A collection of artworks will bring together the major news of the most reliable sources in a digital format. Selling it will help support the country and heal the wounds caused by the conflict.

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Ukraine will use NFTs to return to the top

According to recent reports, Ukraine is already taking advantage NFT, Or rather, the profits from its sale, to return to the top. In fact, thanks to the cooperation announced by Ukraine DAO 10,000 non-fungible tokens of the Ukrainian flag have been sold on the net Ethereum.

At the moment, this initiative has raised more than 6.7 million dollars which, according to what has been announced, appears to be used to support the Ukrainian army engaged in the defense of the country.

In a tweet posted by the official account of Ukraine DAO, we received confirmation of this operation. This is the message by which the Ukrainian DAO announced the initiative and the results of the sales campaign NFTIts proceeds went to the organization come alive:

A contribution of 2,250 ETH / $6.75 M USD to the Ukrainian flag company NFT.
Thanks to everyone who supports our project.
NEXT STEPS: POAP To all those who have donated to Partybid, partner with Come Back Alive to transfer money safely.

According to the official statement, it seems that the humanitarian initiative did not end here. In fact, another campaign should start soon to raise more money to allocate to Ukraine where, most likely, again NFT They will be supporters.

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