Corporate Actions in Energy Ordinance

Sunday 20 March 2022

From premiums to tax credits for expensive bills. SACE GUARANTEES FOR INDUSTRIAL SITES

Decree-Law, ratified by the Council of Ministers, containing urgent measures to counteract the effects The conflict in Ukraine on the economy of our country.

Scale mobilize sources coming from the additional profits of energy companies, and earmarking them in particular to finance interventions to protect national companies and families.

Among the measures that Minister Giancarlo would like Giorgiti And it accepted in the decree that there are interventions to support businesses, from payment of premiums for energy and gas bills to SACE guarantees for financial transactions related to strategic industrial sites, while the bonus to families and tax credits provided for energy-intensive also to other companies with energy meters equal to at least 16.5 kW.

“I accept – said Giorgetti – To implement this measure that we have already supported in the past which is a tangible signal to help companies that are facing difficulties due to the expensive energy”.

The cost of fuel taxes was also reduced by 25 cents until the end of April, and such an important innovation as tax-free petrol vouchers of up to 200 euros was introduced to company employees: “It’s a logical proposition to help passengers at this critical stage of the fuel surge”The Minister of Economic Development stressed.

For more effective anti-speculation work, the powers and tools price control guarantor Already established in the Ministry which, in addition to benefiting from an important unit dedicated to data analysis and processing, will be able to intervene directly by addressing the companies.

Regulations providing for a notification obligation for Italian companies or companies incorporated in Italy intending to export outside the European Union were also included in the decree. Strategic raw materials production chains. On the occasion of the convening of the Council of Ministers, Giorgiti raised the problem of protecting the national steel industry, calling “It is all that is necessary to support the Italian industry“.

For the former Ilva plant, an allocation of up to 150 million euros has been made in the allotment to encourage decarbonization of the Taranto plant.

Finally, other resources have been allocated to support workers Companies facing difficulty.

Supporting businesses and families for energy costs

  • Installment plans for companies, with offices in Italy, for electricity and gas bills for the months of May and June up to 24 monthly installments. Guarantee may be issued by SACE, up to 90% of amounts owed to suppliers.
  • Guarantees from SACE, up to 90% of the loan amount granted, in favor of banks, national and international financial institutions and other entities authorized to implement credit in Italy, which help energy-intensive companies operating industrial facilities of specific national strategic interest on the proposal of the Minister of Economic Development. A similar guarantee is given to finance the purchase and reactivation of unused plants located on the national territory for the production of iron ore for the steel industry.
  • A 20% tax deduction in favor of companies equipped with electricity meters with available energy equal to or more than 16.5 kilowatts, other than companies with high electricity consumption. The tax credit can be transferred to other topics, including credit institutions and other financial intermediaries.
  • Increase the tax credits already in place for energy-intensive companies (from 20% to 25%) and companies with high consumption of natural gas (from 15% to 20%).
  • The range of families protected with expensive bills has been extended to 5.2 million. From April 1 to December 31, 2022, the ISEE value of access to social benefits for electricity and gas is €12,000.

Paradoxical increase in fuel prices

  • Reducing the price of fuel, gasoline and diesel by 25 cents, by reducing excise duties until the end of April. The cost of this measure is financed by a 10% tax on the additional profits of energy companies.
  • Petrol vouchers up to €200 tax-free for 2022, sold free of charge by private companies to employees.

Mister Price’s tools have been improved

  • A special mission unit has been established in advantage to support the guarantor in price control for investigation, analysis, evaluation and data processing activities.
  • The guarantor may ask companies for specific data, news and items on the reasons for the price change.
  • Penalties ranging from a minimum of 500 euros to a maximum of 5000 euros are expected for companies that do not submit within 10 days, if requested: data, news and specific items on the reasons for the price changes.

Business in difficulty

  • Until December 31, 2022, companies that find themselves in an economically difficult situation and can no longer resort to regular wage integration processors will be able to take advantage of the other weeks of Cig within the spending limit of 150 million euros. This procedure also applies to companies in the tourism sector.
  • The exemption from contribution (total exemption) for employment, with an open-term employment contract, has also been extended to subordinate workers from companies that have a discussion schedule for corporate crisis management, to include workers who have been laid off from employees in the previous six months and workers in company branches subject to transfer.

Purchase of raw materials

  • Italian companies or companies established in Italy that intend to export strategic raw materials for production chains, directly or indirectly, outside the European Union must notify the Ministry of Economic Development at least ten days before the start of the operation. The State Department has complete information on the transaction.
  • The measure will be valid until July 31, 2022 and provides for administrative penalties, for those who do not comply with the notification obligation, equal to 30% of the value of the transaction and in any case not less than 30 thousand euros each for an individual transaction.

Decarbonization of the former Ilva

  • Allocate up to 150 million euros for projects to decarbonize the steel production cycle at the Taranto Steel Plant.

golden power

  • Strengthening the discipline of Golden Power aimed at controlling foreign investments in Italy, taking into account the increasingly strategic nature of some sectors: from defense to security, to access to broadband electronic communication services based on 5G technology and the national cloud.

cyber security

  • Discipline on cyber security has been enhanced by diversifying the products used, in order to protect the security of networks, information systems and IT services for public administrations.

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