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from Christina Maroney

It is possible to assess the mental resources needed to carry out a task and focus efforts on performance. The exercises differ according to the personality deficit

Also thismental competence is the key to athletic success (and not only) Riccardo Cicarellisports physician and founder of the Sports Medicine Center of Viareggio Formula Medicine (On the left is his book), he had guessed thirty years ago when he realized, thanks to his studies of Formula 1 drivers, that the racing pace was caused by fatigue or mental clarity of the athlete. With the support of a team of neuroscientists, I studied the brain function of 12 pilots through MRI while performing challenging mental performances and compared them to non-athletes, and discovered that what characterizes the strength of the former is not the results achieved. but formental economy: While people’s heads in general are filled with fears, anxieties, and distractions, pilots are saving, saving money, paving the way for ideas, and really putting on autopilot. This means that a The winning driverfor the same performance, Has less brain energy expenditure: His frontal cortex, which is involved in planning actions, will activate little because the pilot depends on it mechanism.

economic mind

Other neuroscientists have confirmed that sports champions in general tend to have cheap brains. But not only them. Even successful directors, surgeons, and musicians have this talent that seems to characterize all those who are subject to a high mental commitment. Getting ready certainly helps, but with the right exercise everyone can learn to Less energy wasted And to be more focused on the goal, that is, to reach Maximum return at minimum cost To be able to perform challenging tasks.

Tests and comments

Thanks to a series of a test I realized correctly everyone can knowmental energy consumed To precisely achieve a specific performance numerical feedback. As in the physical gym, you train the legs, arms, coordination and endurance and you immediately have an emphasis on athletic competence, in the mental gym we measure the results of mental skills such as focus attentionAnd clearing thoughtsAnd InteractiveAnd strategic ability, and combined the results with cerebral and cardiac energy expenditure to measure brain efficiency, or ‘neural efficiency’. Depending on the shortcomings and the profession, we go for individual needs training.

Better management of your resources

The ultimate goal is to better manage your resources, which means Reduce fatigue and maintain a high level of clarity even in stressful situations. Achieving 85% of neural efficacy in tests under standard conditions is considered an excellent result. But when they are added to this task visual distractors
or the soundor the test is conducted in competition with others, everything changes: theMental efficiency decreases, it becomes more expensive. During the challenges, thanks to the work of a team of psychologists, the personality of the individual emerges: the Sensitive, insecure, rigid, emotional This is an important step in defining mental exercises dedicated to self-improvement. We follow athletes at the Riccardo Piatti Tennis Academy, the Canadian National Ski Team, Formula 1 and motorcyclists, but mental training also works very well in the corporate, military and clinical fields. We also help a couple of surgeons who want to learn how to deliver nerve energy while maintaining high clarity, and often have to stay in the operating room for up to 6-8 hours, Siscarelli confirms.


The path to achieving mental economy includes three steps: Self-awareness, flexibility and self-confidence. Test results provide concrete feedback, and everyone can understand when and how they work best on a given task, and come up with one deep consciousness From their skills, doubts, mistakes and improvements they got on the field through mental exercise. when I know myself deeply

I know what could put me in troubleI know what’s wrong with certain situations and the more I know myself. I prefer to adapt to difficultiesbecomes more flexible And able to change strategy even in the face unexpected events Ceccarelli sums it up: Finally, if one learns to adapt to the difficulties of using one’s own resources at best, Self confidence.

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