Renewable sources, Italy lost eight years to reduce dependence on gas. Speculation after Conto Energia for Berlusconi and failed auctions

current alternative strong addiction of gas (not Russian) was at hand. Italy had the opportunity to seize it, but between a lack of planning, poorly written laws and poor spending of money, he lost it. Exactly ten years ago, the peninsula A . was occupied register Globalism: In 2011, the terrible year of a crisis religion Based on diffuse Over 500 points, she had taken first place for the new photovoltaic energy installed as well 9 thousand megawatts. Twenty times more than Spain, six times more than France, and three and a half times more than China. Adding alsowind forceHe had added in twelve months 10600 MW of energy from green sources. Behind him was from the second Energy Calculation: One Incentive rate twenty years Equal to about six times the market price of electricity at the time and also valid for large earth stations. Hence the sudden increase in applications, in short, the need to run for cover with Restrictions on access and reducing numbersuntil the station arrived in 2013. Since then, thanks to the still very slow licensing procedure, annual average From the stations installed in 800 MW. With a total of 57 megawatts from 50.5 in 2014. Meanwhile, consumers continue to push those old incentives — between 5.5 And 6.5 billion per year – Through billing.

Obviously, the gas systems “crutch” would have served anyway, also considering that storage Energy produced from renewable energy sources is still expensive and the hydroelectric pumping solution is not sufficiently used. But the energy consultant Alex Sorokin I calculated that if the development of renewable sources continued in the past eight years at the same speed as in the three-year period 2010-2013, the national demand for gas today would be At least 20 billion cubic meters less nod, the 70% of the current imports are from Russia. As indicated by the minister Roberto Cingolani In fact, at the hearing, every 8 thousand megawatts of renewable energy sources in more equals a savings of 3 billion cubic meters of gas. “And I is appreciating reservationSorokin, a nuclear engineer by training, explains that the growth of an installed device is usually not constant over time but is progressive. “In Italy, on the other hand, there was a unique annual leap in the world and immediately after that everything stopped. Blame it on the lack of planning and the rule it stipulated Fixed incentives over time instead of being indexed to Rapid cost reduction linked to technological progress. there Germany It has adopted such a mechanism and is now much brighter than us even though the sun’s rays are much less.”

The doors are open to speculation – The original sin dates back to the summer of 2010 AD when Fourth government from Silvio Berlusconi (which also covered the transition period in economic development) raised the race to the commission with Decree preserves the kou which allowed those who completed the installation by the end of that year with commissioning by mid-2011 to access the second energy account instead of the less generous third account. “At that time I Costs It was high because the technology was not mature, but this incentive was far beyond the market value: from 360 Until 440 euros per MWh For large factories, for 60-70 euros at market prices”, he recalls Andrea De Leto, AnalyzerEnergy and Strategy Group subordinate Politecnico di Milano. “The rate was fixedunlike German where an algorithm updated it based on the number of requests, which is a good indicator for assessing whether it is too high.” In short, the doors are open to speculation.

Inefficient factories and lack of supply chain development Photovoltaic systems are much more than that double, from 155 thousand to 330 thousand in twelve months. With side effects: “The a race Triggered means that an insignificant part of the installed panels was later detected Poor quality and ineffectivecame abandoned for herself even without doing maintenanceThese products are largely from Asia, which has a natural lead in the early stages of production chain Thanks to the abundance of raw materials and “rare lands“Indispensable for the production of storage units and batteries. One aspect that inevitably, in the wayfarer, opens the way to another form of addiction. In the following steps, there is more room for competition, as evidenced again by the case of Germany which has many large producers, But Italy despite the public participation in StMicroelectronics lagged behind. “There is a manufacturing plant In the In Catania, but in appropriate sizes. ”

Renewable energy is now cheaper than fossils. But uncertainty has a huge impact – The hangover ended without tremors (in March 2011, the decree renamed “Renewable Killer” authorized the early termination of the third Conto Energia and the next two introduced decreasing tariffs over time), due to technological advances in the sector, it was possible to define a regime limited to “revenue stability‘, reflects Di Leto. Instead, ‘years were lost.’ Today, with PV deerwild wind Is that true cheaper than fossil fuels, The problem is no longer costs. “Discount non-stimulating plants suspicion From revenue: The selling price is the marginal price that is formed every day in the electricity market and depends on the production cost of gas stations. Now as we know it very highHowever, with the increase in new formulations there is a risk fix each other: If all the solar power plants enter energy at the central hours of the day, you can enter into surplus with the result that price collapses“.more capacity will be required storageHowever, the costs of battery containers are still very high. In the current situation, uncertainty hampers investment as it makes it difficult to fund projects.

Why auctions flounder The alternative is to participate in the new incentive system Fer . barsThis reduces risk because it guarantees a fixed price, even if it is not much higher than the market price. Why then do they constantly end up with flop, managed to allocate only a small part of the motivating force? “For photovoltaics, there is a ban on participating in projects agricultural soileven if it has not been used,” answers de Leto. “As for wind energy, to participate in the bidding you must have already obtained it. Authorization. Contrary to what happens in SpainAs a result, there was much more competition and prices came down a lot.” The sore point therefore remains the licensing procedures which despite the various interventions by simplification Continuing to procrastinate at the level of local authorities and regulatory bodies. So much so that recently to speed up the government, it ended up moving forward through the empire, practicing alternate forces To open iter which has been inactive for years.

development limits – In short, the targets up to 2030 – about 70 additional gigawatts – we will have to run. At this rate, is it likely to be out of reach? Di Leto remembers that a file replace old systems, Starting with wind turbines with the latest technology and effective It can help (in addition to being useful in terms of landscape effect), but it is not enough. “At the current rate of combinations, we won’t even reach half the target.” According to Sorokin, “On the one hand, it is sufficient to eliminate bureaucratic barriers And mandates, on the other hand, open up the market for selling energy by individuals. Today, one with a rooftop installation has to deliver electricity to Energy Services ManagerAn outdated and inappropriate system for the citizen.”

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