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Nowadays we often talk about Stablecoin Because even countries around the world, especially central banks, are trying to create their own digital currency based on those in the traditional currency circle.

Among the most recent examples we have are the United States, with Biden pushed to weigh the risks and benefits of this issue and even Russia, which for months had orchestrated itself toward the digital ruble with its first successful transactions in months.

the majority, However, China is amazing, closer than ever to the formalization of a stable Chinese currency As prescribed by IlSole24Ore:

“In fact, E-Yuan already operates de facto for 15% of the population, and is concentrated in the 12 major cities (including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen) where pilots are tested.”

We are not talking about a small government, such as the Bahamas, Nevis, Saint Kitts, Grenada, Barbuda, Saint Lucia or Antigua, which has already equipped itself with this specific type of stablecoin tied to its fiat currency, but it is one of the largest and richest countries: China.

This should lead us to understand that if countries are increasingly interested in digitizing money, perhaps we should be.

Let us remember that when we talk about Stablecoin, we are referring, in fact, to a digital asset that has as its reference a fixed asset, such as gold or fiat currency.

On the forum of one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitpanda, we read about how the introduction of these “stablecoins” has been welcomed with interest and curiosity right from the start:

Described by some as the “holy grail of crypto…” stablecoins have recently made headlines as a low-volatility alternative to cryptocurrency.

We can expect to see other news in the short term, given the amount of variables that the cryptocurrency world has created, but I’d like to make it clear that, among all of that, It is the stablecoins that can make a difference in the long run.

Whether it is in the interest of major banks, governments or individual investors, we are talking about assets we cannot ignore.

Example? In due course, we read about the impossibility of underestimating the market, although the priority still belongs to Bitcoin and Ethereum:

“While Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular cryptocurrency investments, stablecoins are a major $190 billion subset of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

Well, if you are wondering why investing in Stablecoin will be successful in the long run, then 6 definitive reasons for its added value in your portfolio are waiting for you.

Stable Coin Boom: Now or Never!

Bitcoin managed to grow from a few cents to thousands of dollars, but those who made a fortune were able to buy it at a low price, like what we see today with Tether or DAI.

stablecoinActually, Although it has not exploded yet and is not very popular, the market prices are quite affordableunlike assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum that need several thousand dollars, and and for thisIn order to escalate the phenomenon, It is recommended to buy as much as possible to gain an advantage in the market.

For the explosive growth we might already have, just read an analysis by the Federal Reserve from January 2022:

“Over the past year, US dollar-pegged stablecoins circulating on public blockchains have experienced exponential growth, with total supply circulating around $130 billion in September 2021, up more than 500% from last year.”

So Not only are investors, but central banks in particular, warning of their growth, which will surely see a spike once the impending regulations are in place now Which is analyzed by many influential countries.

Let’s not forget that taking advantage of favorable prices today can make a big difference tomorrow.

Say goodbye to crazy swings with our stablecoins!

One of the problems that most investors in NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets in general suffer from is the significant and unexpected volatility they experience.

Market volatility is characteristic of this sector and we often find ourselves having to suffer bitter consequences if we do not know the topic and find ourselves unprepared.

Stable coins come to our rescue precisely because they are mostly based on safe-haven assets like gold or the dollar, thus proving to be the least volatile siblings of cryptocurrencies, suitable for long-term investments rather than short-term profits.

Low volatility and growth in a dynamic market, Courier even credited it with the prospect of becoming the preferred payment method for businesses and citizens, unlike cryptocurrencies:

“Currently, users are primarily used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and, according to some analysts, may have begun to spread as a rapid means of payment for consumers and businesses.”

They may not appeal to risky takers, but they can make a huge difference to a portfolio that doesn’t want to be left at the mercy of high market volatility.

Can you make money with Stablecoin? yes clearly

We all know that the purpose of investing is profit and this type of virtual currency is no different from the others: it should be worth it.

Can Stablecoin Make Money Despite Low Volatility and Low Risk? Definitely!

One of these factors is definitely the volatility of the underlying asset which clearly guarantees the growth of Stablecoin in case of an uptrend.may be a trivial question, but it should not be underestimated.

Another reason to earn can be found in the possibility of earning excellent interest with staking Stablecoin, which becomes very profitable in some cases like USDT, BUSD and TerraUSD.

Just to give an example, here are some status earnings as reported by GoBankingRates:

“You can buy Tether on many cryptocurrency exchanges and lending platforms. Many will pay 6%-12% interest just to store Tether on their platform.”

Passive income, rather than profits from trading or direct trading of the respective cryptocurrencies: In short, Stablecoins can make you money like any other asset.

Investing in Stablecoin is safe and protects our capital

First of all, know that many cryptocurrencies are born and disappear from the market every day within a few weeks, often leaving investors with a few flies, at the mercy of even huge losses.

But Scams abound and the case of “Squid Coin” inspired by the Netflix series, which vanished shortly after its mass purchase at the end of 2021, has become iconic.

As reported by The New York Times, millions of dollars in smoke leaked:

“Millions of dollars vanished in minutes after investors started congregating for a new cryptocurrency inspired by the popular Netflix survival series ‘Squid Game’, only to see its value plummet to nearly zero in hours.”

This does not happen to stablecoins, as they are based on stable commodities and are not necessarily generated in an “independent” manner.

Its addition to our investments therefore guarantees greater security thanks to the fact that its case relies on third parties relating to the reference asset that forms its basis, valid and legal.

In this way, our capital can be said to be safe from such bad episodes, while exploiting all the exemplary capabilities that the blockchain guarantees.

Stablecoin regulation is almost upon us, no more confusion!

Many novice speculators are concerned about the performance of the crypto sector because they do not know how to deal with the vague laws currently in place.

Skilled InvestorsBut, They have already got a taste of what the future of the digital market could look like with Stablecoins in mind knowing that it is now only a matter of time.

In fact, it probably isn’t about this, given that the crypto world read about a recent bill to be precisely applied to stablecoins:

“Indiana Congressman Trey Hollingsworth in the House of Representatives and Tennessee Senator Bill Hagerty, both Republicans, introduced a new bill Friday to regulate stablecoins in the United States.”

This was a US move that other countries are likely to follow closely in the short term, giving more security to all traders dealing with “stable cryptocurrencies”, thus supporting the market they depend on in a practical and direct way..

On the other hand, the meaning of Stablecoins is undeniable: to replace traditional and now outdated methods of investment and transaction, opening the doors to innovation without suffering from the classic volatility of cryptocurrencies. which still make it difficult to manage and not so flexible in the classical economic apparatus.

Almost zero commission with Stablecoins

If you are still looking for a reason to invest in this type of virtual currency, I can provide you with another very special currency.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges do not charge transaction fees when trading Stablecoin. As a result, more people are trading their cryptocurrency in Stablecoin before replacing these virtual currencies with traditional money and vice versa.

Interesting don’t you think so?

It may seem impossible, but know that this is not the case and that in itself seems to me an excellent reason to invest in this particular type of cryptocurrency.

Example? Here’s what the Crypto.com exchange actually announced last year:

“Crypto.com exchange is pleased to announce that users can now convert between different stablecoins at a 1:1 ratio without transaction fees.”

Mutual funds like BlackRock and billionaires like Mark Cuban believe in, as well as banks and governments, so I’m wondering: why not invest in Stablecoin too?

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