A third of workers prefer to be paid with cryptocurrency

The American working world is not calm and problems are piling up in middle-class families, so much so that in order to ease the economic and financial concerns of those who work, cryptocurrencies are viewed with more confidence and optimism that one has even taken irreplaceable names.

American workers face cryptocurrency

A little over a month ago, the President of the United States, Joe BidenI signed an executive clause to introduce the digital dollar and at the same time to prepare a study phase on the risks and benefits Cryptocurrency.

Among the hypotheses on the table of the White House and its experts: the real possibility of creating new virtual money, experimenting with new payment systems and trading these cryptocurrencies in the real economy.

today according toInvestigation Posted by SoFi at Work, More than a third of American workers will be willing to receive their salaries in cryptocurrencyor even part of it.

among these, 42% indicated that they would gladly accept to be paid, perhaps as a monthly add-on, even through non-fungible tokens or NFTs (non-fungible token), i.e. digital assets that cannot be duplicated, that are impossible to copy, that are unique, indivisible and immutable (they all exchange cryptocurrencies, for example, are considered “fungible”, like traditional currencies, but do not There is one interchange of works of art between them).

Financial stress: there are those who are looking for a second job and those who are in debt

Many of the 1,600 respondents, including 800 HR managers and 800 employees from various organizations, said they still had to deal with them. Financial situations that cause severe personal and family stress (75%), else 51% felt a strong sense of economic malaise during 2021.

To address this moment of economic and financial crisis for American families, 25% of workers sought a second part-time job, another 25% had to take on more debt by turning to credit cards, and still others had to draw from their pension account (19%) .

Cryptocurrencies as an additional weapon in the family to face the economic crisis?

As such, employees see cryptocurrencies as part of their salary or bonuses/bonuses for work done in the form of NFTs. Basically, they see this way as a tangible solution to avoid having more debt or somewhere to do more than one job until the end of the month.

On average, American workers had to spend an average of 19 hours a week finding solutions to their economic problems (about 9 hours even during their work duties).

Today, despite the numerous economic and financial shocks caused first by the Covid-19 pandemic, and then by the war in Ukraine, with increases in the prices of energy and other raw materials in between, or even a slowdown in global supply chains and repercussions on the world’s industry, The total cryptocurrency market cap exceeds $1.9 trillionNowadays, it is back in the growth phase (+4.5% yesterday) after falling at the beginning of the month (when the cryptocurrency market cap reached $2 trillion).

But is this possible?

The result of this survey did not come out of nowhere and according to many people in the US, this path is quite viable.

In November 2021, the mayor of Tampa, Florida, Jane CastorShe said in an interview that she would be happy to get paid in cryptocurrency, as well as the mayor of Miami, Francis Suarezand New York City, Eric Adams.

Other examples exist in sports, such as two American football stars, Odell Beckham from Los Angeles Rams e Aaron Rodgers From the Green Bay Packers, who demanded to be paid in cryptocurrency (first at 100%, second at 50%).

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