Bitcoin, Ethereum and Luna are back on the right track | Will it be a short recovery week?

distance Quiet weekend of fearstretched from Easter MondayMarket Cryptocurrency Based on Bitcoin Back in vogue, by registering Wide range heights And back more or less generalized At attractive price levels.

A situation that helped eliminate some of the fear that was present pile up In the markets and among investors, especially after a loss Bitcoin from share 40 thousand dollars and for Ethereum from share 3000 Dollars.

After fear, good humor returns

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The cryptocurrency market is in recovery, despite the Federal Reserve…

The first intriguing thing is that there was actually no good news on the occasion of recovery Bitcoin And most importantly, for comfort cipher party.

feed it It seems that it has been put on the table – even if at the moment it is only a remote hypothesis – the possibility of raising interest rates even by 75 basis points. This is what emerges from hawks (the term we’ve also explained in the livestream we’re attaching here), who now see out-of-control inflation as a problem that must be attacked with all the forces at their disposal.

A situation that should have had adverse effects – which instead saw the entire sector return to price levels equal to or higher than those at the beginning weekend. A good sign of market health, which most analysts are starting to have some doubts.

in the opening short week have Bitcoin who returned to the height 40,000 USD or moreAnd Ethereum Who recovered instead I 3000 Dollars And many excellent performances of protocols that have suffered the most in recent days, first of all Earth’s moon.

Again: in market conditions of this kind it would have been difficult to imagine a better – which would justify the prophets of doom but only partially – a position confirming what was Our analysis over the weekend. Looks like he’s found a file lower, or support if you like, kinda strong. A support from which to start accumulating forces to return at least to the local maximum.

Watch out for the altcoin market, but that’s not all

Among the markets currently leading the recovery, we find it without a doubt Alt currencywith also interesting offers for Thorschento ZcashAnd epicoinAnd MoneroAnd close And episode. In large part it is about recovery On the week’s losses, but here’s also an excellent sign because of 7 days We are positive for all or almost everyone best icons for the market.

What happens on the side the games In particular with Steppen – It has already been reported by us at unexpected times, which is recorded after 24 hours 40% of earning. Now the ball will definitely pass to the market more United States of America that european with Nasdaq And New York Stock Exchange Which may help the sector to recover, especially if Technique It should reflect the overall path.

It could be a very interesting afternoon and we can prepare for it investment also with eToro’s secure platformGO HERE FOR A FREE DEMO ACCOUNT WITH TOP FINTECH – Those offers 59+ cipher The choices are between emerging and those who already have a certain stiffness. It is a rather interesting situation for the markets and can make a fortune for those who are able to ride markets who haven’t put fear behind them yet.

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