But aren’t NFTs supposed to be safe?

Over the past few weeks, news about positions involving NFTs has multiplied. Some of the addresses I used have been locked down, and in at least one case a group of hackers made one of the most profitable virtual robberies in history. The question we ask ourselves then is: But the NFTs with the blockchain and all the rest weren’t supposed to be secure? How do we protect ourselves?

To ask us this question was one of our readers who also wanted to tell us his opinion about non-fungible tokens with a short email. Mario, who in addition to being a video game-loving artist, writes: “I am a digital artist and I want to sell some work as NFT but I also play a lot online and I find more and more ads for these NFT based games to earn games. I am very excited about the topic, also to be able to turn art into my profession and NFTs seem profitable, but to me there are still many obscure points“.

We answer readers: But aren’t non-food remedies supposed to be safe? (Photo: Axie Infinity)

Very honestly, Mario is telling all of you that there are still many of us out there dark spots. However, we tried to understand something more and put it together Request in what we know. Starting with a few simple questions, including, whether the NFT can be stolen and whether it lasts forever.

NFT, the truth please about the blockchain

Non-fungible icons have become a real craze. In our video game park, for example, we saw a breeding games Which is somehow related to NFT technology. We are all instinctively inclined to believe that Acquire or Wins NFT means grabbing something. But it’s actually not buying something, not even a digital thing (although a digital item can be bought) but buying an item It is right to say that this digital object belongs to us. After we have clarified this basic question, we try to answer any doubt that may arise. doubts related to safety.

We answer readers: But aren't non-food remedies supposed to be safe?
We answer readers: But aren’t non-food remedies supposed to be safe? (Photo: Unsplash)

And speaking of security, it’s worth starting with what you’re buying. It is actually a few months ago different owners From NFT they found themselves with it lost products From your wallet, after paying for it. Far from being a victim of some scam, it’s easier than just being simple the address on the web to which the item they purchased was linked to or has been destroyed in some way. Some explain these disappearances by the fact that NFTs are still an aspect of Technique very small It is therefore necessary to calibrate some clips better. In short, as with the Wright Brothers aircraft.

But then there is a second aspect to security which is what matters Thefts. The story that travels in many newspapers, not only that you are attached to video games, is theft which according to government An American group of North Korean hackers, called the Lazarus Group, would have succeeded in confronting them Axi Infinity. Hitting $600 million in cryptocurrency. To make theft possible was a structure Series that Axie Infinity players are working on. ronin, This is the name of the side chain, and it works in parallel with Ethereum and allows players to Axie Infinity work With the blockchain, eliminating a large part of transaction costs. defect in writing From the alleged bridge token linking ronin to Ethereum allowed the super theft.

A third security issue is that of con man That is, to those who make products that are not on the Internet, sell them and then disappear with the loot. We have examples of this since the first NFT was designed. All of these aspects of the NFT world are certainly not secondary issues. If we want to learn to live with the cosmic dust testimonials, it is necessary that we learn to take care of them and to pretend From those who provide them with the highest safety standards.

Besides security issues, there is another question: But Are NFTs really eternal? Unfortunately, as with everything or almost everything surrounding technology and no matter how hard you try, the answer is not entirely clear. Because they are actually related to Technique from blockchains but no problem Linked to a transaction and then turned into an NFT that actually lives on the blockchain. files are Based Somewhere and if something happens to the file host, the digital object can Go away forever. Reason for alternative anchoring of links: IPFS.

IPFS stands for interplanetary file system It must be a system Safer Since it is a decentralized system that uses nodes scattered throughout the network to keep itself upright. It works somewhat when we download stuff with torrent, it’s always obvious that it’s done by mistake. The digital object you purchased is actually scattered over several nodes and therefore difficult to disappear. So, in theory, IPFS is more secure and should be able to keep your NFT alive in order to create problems for your heirs. But if the item you bought is found instead on one node IPFS and that node for some reason stops hosting your file, you’ve lost the object. So it is necessary to get into the logic that if it is true that what enters the network stays there forever, it is also true that accidents can happen, that malicious people also exist on the Internet and that no security systems are truly impregnable.

One last side note, if anyone is still wondering if Ubisoft Quartz has arrived now breakpoint It’s worth something, the answer is that it’s still technically valuable, precisely because players didn’t buy the items but right To say those things were theirs. This, then, is a very meager consolation, another story.

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