Catanzaro Campobasso 3-0: Tactical Technical Analysis –

The Eagles were able to create scoring opportunities by playing beyond singles in thickness

Catanzaro continues to delight his fans, effectively dominating Campobasso, and with this victory he is a serious candidate for a place in the league.

Vivarini’s squad is proving, day by day, to be a strong team and to be able to play a leading role in the playoffs.

Let’s start with the usual 3-4-1-2with Brandoani in goal, triple line in defence, Scognamilo de Santis and Martinelli, on the sides always Vandeputy on the left and Paye on the right, Cinelli and Verna inside the midfield, Sona in contact behind strikers Emilio and Piaschi.

Demirgente Campobasso, a good coach codeinecontrasts with 3-4-3where the very high line of the three central defenders and the interconnection between the midfield and attack divisions.

The start isn’t the easiest for Catanzaro, the maneuvering is almost always at the feet of the Mollisan, the ball spinning fast and for Giallorossi there’s plenty to chase.

Vivarini He points out that he wants a more aggressive stance in the ball recovery phase, and this sets a constant loss to the field for the visiting team.

At some point Campobasso gets a kick in the net and Brandoani is ready to thwart the threat.

The problem arises with outside height From Rossobli Square, Vandepute and Payi are forced to retreat to defend and find themselves outnumbered by the advance of the second line of Mr. Kodini’s formation.

When Campobasso spins the ball horizontally behind Catanzaro’s first and second lines, he always finds the edge on the side flanks and forces the Giallorossi to fall back in a completely unexpected way.

In the no-possession phase, especially since the beginning of the maneuver, the first patch arrives, with Sounas lowering himself on the right side to allow greater coverage of Paye.

But in any case, Campobasso is well laid out on the field, plays without ideas, and shows good speed in execution.

Catanzaro scores two or three goals but doesn’t, and the deadlock is broken when Emilo gets the usual and realizes the advantage penalty that shuts down the first half.

In the second half, Mr. Vivarini’s men hit the gas pedal and began to gain more personality.

Self-esteem grows and so does the individual in the organized group.

There are many opportunities to score, but it was still Emilio who scored two goals to zero, closing off a wonderful exchange with his teammates.

Molisans feels the blow and never recovers, and a waltz of substitutions arrives: Bayeye-Cinelli for Rolando and Welbeck, then Iemmello and Biasci for Vasquez and Bombagi and finally Sounas for Biarkason.

The result ends with three to zero after the last goal scored by Bombaji, who missed an easy goal ball for Campobasso.

Tactical key

Emilo’s movement in contact with the midfielders and in support of the final touches.

We can safely say that Pietro Iemmello broke the balance and difficulties of Catanzaro. A player with superior intelligence in movement and space attack. Very good at finalizing and always looking for the area of ​​the pitch to make the ball better and create the best solutions. He needs to be “feeled” more and more by his teammates because even at the end stage he proves to be really decisive (see second-half ball presented to Biasi).

what worked

The ability to create opportunities Aim by playing. Away from the particularity of depth, Catanzaro has for some time produced scoring opportunities as the end result of game schemes that always have a minimum of three to four players.

Credit goes to Mr. Vivarini, a good and capable coach. The Giallorossi are disruptive, fun and show they always know how to do it in every situation when they have the ball at their feet. Overall a nice eight in the card report at all.

What happened

The The first twenty minutes From the first half when Situation Overall it was a bit negative in terms of engagement and blocking.

Campobasso’s advantage to the above, but Catanzaro when outsiders have to make the defensive stage should be able to express something more in the middle of the field.

A good Cinelli should be asked to put in more effort in finding the ball to play and in development solutions (maybe different from a simple short support), as well as a good Verna for trying to pass on the attackers (maybe not always trying to carry the ball).

Small details that do not affect the value of the midfielders but should help try to improve the difficulties.


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