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cryptosmart is The first 100% Italian crypto company in the Fintech space Which brings the world of cryptocurrency closer to everyday life. Who knows the world encryption He knows that the main exchange companies do not reside in Italy. Having a reference point, such as Cryptosmart, in our country is very useful and reassuring. But the founders of Cryptosmart didn’t stop there! So they invented A series of very useful services And not just inventive For investors, but also for the most common people. Cryptosmart services are: exchange, maskAnd CSpay, CSMarket. In this article, we will delve into all these services and talk about their benefits.

Cryptosmart – an exchange for trading cryptocurrency

The most popular service in the world of cryptocurrency is definitely the exchange that consists of operations Buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies. Cryptosmart is designed to simplify the buying and selling of digital currencies, especially for Italian investors. Different types of crypto comBitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, Polkadot, Litecoin It can be purchased directly by bank transfer.

The platform also allows you to Open and manage your wallet In a simple and completely safe way. Cryptocurrencies purchased from Cryptosmart end up directly in your possession Pocket wallet, without intermediaries. In the event of problems with the gearbox, assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

WLUsing this service, according to thousands of reviews, is a lot Simple and instant!


Today, the most popular blockchains for cryptocurrency are based on the principle proof of work (PoW). This term indicates that blockchain managers compete with each other, providing great computational power to solve the problems that develop the blockchain and allowing cryptocurrencies to continue to trade. for this service, They have received Cryptocurrency Prize Every time they can create a new block. this process Too expensive In terms of power because progressively more computing power is needed.

The evolution of blockchain must necessarily look to a greener and more scalable technology. The solution is proof of stake (POS). In this case, blockchain participants basically have to commit to a certain amount of cryptocurrencies that cannot be used for trading. In addition, you will have the opportunity Create new blocks and get rewards. The higher the investment, the higher the probability of getting a reward. Basically, instead of computationally rewarding “work”, The investment is rewarded.

Participation in this mechanism is not trivial but thanks Everything cryptosmart becomes easier! The Cryptosmart system is simple and intuitive and allows everyone to participate in their cryptocurrency. Each week you will receive a prize that can lead to an increase in your committed capital From 4% to 12% end of the year. There are currently three cryptocurrencies supported for PoS: Ethereum, Cardano, and Polkadot.

CSpay and CSMarket

CSpay wallet can be activated by companies and allows dReceive or send cryptocurrency payments quickly and easily. It will be enough to connect the client’s blockchain address (with QRCore for example) that he will use to make the transfer.

Cryptosmart’s CSMarket allows you to receive files gift card Pay with Bitcoin to use to buy products from the most important brands in the world of electronics, clothing and more! These are such brands as Unieuro, Ikea, Q8, Tamoil, Zalando, Nike, Trenitalia, OVS, Coin, Gamestop, Volagratis, Carrefour, DOP, Panorama, H&M, Hotelgift and Alpitour.

The value of gift cards can range from 5 to 400 euros. The process is obviously very simple, in full Cryptosmart fashion. By accessing the official website, you only need to register with your email. Once registered, you can choose the gift card from the catalog.

for more information About Cryptosmart Services, Check Their Official Page!

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