Ethereum working towards ETH2: PoS stress test

Marius van der Wejden, an active developer on the transition he’s going to make, talks about it first Ethereum towards this dimension ETH2 Which could offer important new potential for the currency.

The transition has been known for quite some time, but one goal after another has become a reality and in these hours, Ethereum’s new approach has taken an important step forward. Could all of this mean anything to the value of cryptocurrency? According to many, the potential is there for at least two reasons: first, because ETH is now approaching its lowest levels in recent years; Second, because the graft of the Proof of Stake system will create a greater alternative to Bitcoin and will be able to Choose Ethereum as the Cryptocurrency in the Near Future.

What is the right time to buy Ethereum? Will the increase start once the positive effects of the switch are visible? Is ETH2 really a crossroads that will change the course of cryptocurrency history? Many questions, right now, and some answers to come. Smoke signals the future and those who intend to invest will need to quickly grasp it in order to learn how to read it.

Towards ETH2

This is what Marius van der Wejden said yesterday:

In short, what counts as a real stress test is going well: spotting some bugs didn’t slow the race down and the corrections would allow for the correct engagement of the shadow fork. In short, small ripples that do not change the course of events and allow you to tune each correction. So we go towardshistorical event”, so it is defined in unambiguous terms:

The exact process of moving to ETH2 has many pitfalls, but the sentiment is good: the roadmap is being respected and within a few months the cryptocurrency will have many cards to play.

The consequences are known: Ethereum 2.0 will allow significant savings in consumption thanks to the abandonment of Proof of Work This will make cryptocurrency favored in the context of rising raw material costs, as well as in the perspective of a future with more interest in sustainability. The work in progress aims to free Ethereum from these risks, thereby enhancing its image to shift the crypto center of gravity that is still strongly oriented from a Bitcoin perspective. Sharing data will be the next step, after which we will face the last mile for the final transition.

Ethereum has two references at the moment: January lows ($2,500) and November highs (nearly $5,000). The current price of $3,000 puts the coin at the bottom of its parabola, but as it is known in the world of finance, you should buy on rumors and sell on facts: In order to maximize potential profit later. In the news, in fact, she’s probably too late now.

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