Giro d’Italia 2022 with arrival in Messina: today’s operational technical meeting at Palazzo Zanca

An operational technical meeting took place today at Palazzo Zanca to arrive in Messina from the fifth stage of the Giro d’Italia 2022, scheduled for Wednesday 11 May with the departure of Catania

The presence of the extraordinary commissioner of the municipality Messina Leonardo Santoro and Deputy Commissioner Francesco Meglio held an operational technical meeting today at Palazzo Zanca to arrive in Messina from the fifth stage of the Giro d’Italia 2022, scheduled for Wednesday 11 May with the departure of Catania. The meeting was attended by members of the stage committee, which took office on December 1, presidents of Messinaservizi Bene Comune Giuseppe Lombardo, ATM SpA Giuseppe Campagna and Messina Social City Valeria Asquini, directors and representatives of the municipal administrations concerned, from the municipal police and the metropolitan and other relevant bodies and organizations. The stage committee includes stage coordinator Francesco Giorgio, members Agostino Castiglia, Lillo La Rosa, Paolo Campanella, Enza Colura, Alfredo Finanzi, Cabinet Service staff and the press office. Commissioner Santoro called the meeting “to give a strong acceleration to the preparatory activities aimed at the implementation of the event. It was an occasion to put all procedures related to the realization of each jurisdiction on the network, and useful to ensure every necessary intervention for the effective realization of the important event at the national and international levels”. Based on the input of Commissioner Santoro, and noting that the budget projected by the Municipal Council remains still not approved, the higher intervention of the regional administration has been requested. “The Sicily region, which – as Santoro explains – after financing and carrying out road adaptation works in the context of the Giro di Sicilia, thanks to the commissioner’s request, is today also taking care of the road adaptation works along the Via Messina to allow the realization of the fifth stage of the Giro d’Italia. Therefore, thanks to the synergy that has been Activated with the Regional Infrastructure Department, the Regional Technical Department and the Civil Engineering Office of Messina, the work of redesigning the Messina roads participating in the phase begins today.” During the meeting, the organizational and logistical aspects of the event were discussed, with particular attention to examining the road system and road maintenance.

Specifically, the safety of the track and the spectators who will attend the race were also touched upon by the presence of civil protection operators and voluntary associations. As of Sunday, May 8, and pending the arrival of the stage, side initiatives involving schools and citizens will also be implemented. At the end of today’s meeting, which Commissioner Santoro considered profitable, “the reservation that has been drafted so far will be canceled and the city of Messina will host – and the Commissioner concluded – its phase thanks to the synergy activated between the various components of the municipal offices and the respective subsidiaries.” The Giro d’Italia, arriving in Messina, made it to the city for the last time on May 10, 2017 marking the 100th appointment to the international event with the fifth stage Piedara Messina, while on October 6, 2020 it set off from Catania with the arrival of the fourth stage at Villafranca Tirina.

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