Gkn formerly, in the future there is a green revolution of energy and mobility with an additional 70 employees

by Barbara Berti

An industrial plan aimed at producing customized products in the sector of electric mobility and renewable energy includes investments of 82 million euros. This is the plan to relaunch the former Gkn site in Campi, which was acquired by Qf spa for entrepreneur Francesco Borgomio, who should be able within 24 months to increase production to full capacity, ensuring that all jobs are protected. The future of the Viale Fratelli Cervi plant was clarified yesterday during the institutional meeting at the Ministry of Economic Development, which was attended by trade unions, RSU, local enterprises, government and current ownership which, however, did not provide any details about the investor who would participate in Newco with Borgomeo. The plan, implemented in cooperation with the Iris Consortium, aims to develop integrated and high-quality digital electric motors, in an integrated system for the realization of industrial automation, electronic drives, robotics and logistics. At a later stage, the electrification of transmission systems and also related to the energy sector will be initiated. In addition to electric motors, a transducer will be developed. The plan will benefit from a major research, development and design facility, integrated with manufacturing and manufacturing. The roadmap includes five steps: the first three steps will take place in 2022 and relate to the engineering, validation department and control room, and the fourth step in 2023 is called the first production, while the last step is the full production that will be completed in the first quarter of 2024.

And the work front? The document provides for the gradual reintegration of former Gkn workers. In particular, 120 former Gkn employees and 40 external employees are expected to return to work in 2022, while 210 former Gkn workers will be hired in 2023 along with 70 external employees. The new entries target individuals with very specific skills and occupations.

“There is certainly a positive element, which is that in the bottom line the number of employees will be higher than the current number,” comments Michelle de Palma, National Secretary of Fiom-Cgil and Director of Motor Vehicles, Danielle Calusi, General Secretary of Fiom-Cgil in Florence, Prato and Pistoia and Silvia Spera, Industrial Policy Area for the national CGIL.

For all three, it is necessary to “clarify the identity of the investors in Qf spa in a short time. Indeed, the tools that will accompany the transition must be negotiated with the investors, or with those who bear real responsibility for the future business plan”. Like Fiom and CGIL, “We asked for an anticipation of investment on the production side in order to reach full capacity more quickly, in the face of an already existing reference market.” “This is clearly an ambitious project that we hope will really put all the staff back in action,” said Gianluca Fico, National Secretary in Ulm, and Davide Materazzi, Secretary of Ulm in Florence.

“But the planned times are already very long in themselves. Moreover, there is still no evidence as to which partners could become shareholders in Qatar Foundation; in any case, the commitment to move forward was reiterated even in their absence. The discussion will continue at the local level in the committee stipulated in the framework agreement, and then meet again in the ministerial seat early next week,” the two unionists concluded.

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