How much will the price of bitcoin rise in 10 days?

The hypothesis is constantly circulating that the price of Bitcoin could exceed $50,000 in the next 10 days, backed by two dynamics that are already in place.

Assumptions about the price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Dollars
Bitcoin price expected to rise to $50,000 in the next 10 days

There is a common hypothesis Bitcoin price can come back Share $50,000 in ten days.

To be honest, it has been quite a few weeks now when someone argues that the price of BTC may return to those levels in the short or medium term, but This time, history is fraught with danger: April 28, 2022.

In fact, it is not the prediction that determines a particular day, but that Presumably back to $50,000 by the end of April.

It is not easy to try to understand how realistic or likely this hypothesis is At least it seems reasonable.

The push towards a potential Bitcoin price increase could come from two dynamics already underway.

The first is the evolution of the relationship between Russia and cryptocurrencies. If even a few months ago this relationship was very difficult, it seems that in recent weeks the country has decided to adopt the use of cryptocurrency. Perhaps to try to circumvent international sanctions.

The truth is that many people in Russia already own and trade in cryptocurrencies, so the way can be paved for a real boom.

I just really think so at the end of February There was a sudden jump in the price of BTC from $38,000 to $45,000, in just four days, precisely because of the assumption that the Russians could start using it more popularly. Circumvention of restrictions and obstacles, especially at the international level.

This hypothesis has not yet materialized, but if it is to be achieved, or information such as the assumption of a significant short-term increase in Bitcoin use in Russia should spread, the price could follow a similar tale to that of the end of February.

The current price is around $41,000, so it could go up to $48,000 in a few days, in the case of a similar dish. From there to $50,000, the step seems short.

second dynamic interests Relationship Which seems to have been formed recently Between the trend in the price of Bitcoin and the Nasdaq.

The Nasdaq fell significantly in April, after recovering in the second half of March. This decline may have stopped, and in the case of positive news at the macro level, it may rise again.

If so, the price of bitcoin could also benefit from it.

Quote 50,000 dollars, is that possible?

These two dynamics, although they are already in place, are not actually enough Justify a huge increase in the price of BTC, So it is very difficult to determine how realistic the return will be to $50,000 by the end of the month.

Moreover, at this time, there are also many analysts who argue that the decline that started in mid-November of last year is not over yet, and The price could soon return even at the $35,000 level.

Uncertainty currently dominates the financial markets, also because it is almost impossible to accurately imagine the changes at the macro level that could occur between now and the next few weeks.

Most likely it will be events related to the development of the war in Ukraine, and the world economy, to positively or negatively affect the price of Bitcoin in the short term.especially until the uncertainty phase persists.

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