efficiency EnergeticAnd From renewable sourcesimplementation of smart services that it complete plan from research and development. The AGSM AIM Group and Veronamercato today signed, in the presence of the Mayor of Verona Federico Spoarina, a three-year partnership that will lead to the design and implementation of multiple projects, tailored to the territory and citizens.

The strategic objectives of the cooperation between the AGSM AIM Group and Veronamercato mainly relate to the following:

Energy efficiency and energy management

An energy audit at the Veronamercato site and a technical-economic evaluation of efficiency measures, including refurbishment of existing plants and improvement of operations, are expected. The analysis will be conducted under the guidance of a certified energy management expert UNI 11339. The objective of this activity is to maximize efficiency by implementing an Energy Management System with consumption and performance monitoring to provide Veronamercato with an ISO 50001 certified energy management system that can guide the company in standardizing strategies that improve its energy performance.

The agreement between AGSM AIM and Veronamercato also includes the renewal and development of the existing lighting contract for the fruit and vegetable market and the extension of the service to other buildings.

Energy from renewable sources and innovative models for self-consumption and the circular economy

It is envisaged that photovoltaic systems to produce electricity will be installed on existing and to be built roofs (for example, new buildings and car shelters), with the use of mechanisms in favor of self-consumption. Among these, an energy community can be created to share the energy produced and which also provides for the participation of third parties. The energy produced can also be shared through intake points already in the area, as well as used to recharge electric vehicles.

Cooperation in waste processing and biofuel production is also envisaged, by transporting Veronamercato waste to Agsm Aim for subsequent processing in Ca’ del Bue. In particular, it is envisaged to produce bio-methane from processing the organic part, recovering paper, cardboard and plastic from packaging and transporting bulky items (wooden packaging).

Smart Services

The agreement also provides for the implementation of interventions related to broadband connectivity services over a fiber-optic network, the establishment of wi-fi zones, video surveillance systems and access/congestion control, as well as sensors for management logistics and product tracking. Particular attention will also be given to access control and parking management, including for electric vehicles that will have recharging systems available.

research and development

The agreement also includes the development of pilot projects in the context of innovative technological systems that improve energy and reduce costs.

The start of the projects will be preceded by feasibility studies for the interventions to be implemented, which will refer to the legal, technical, heritage, economic and financial features, the tripartite development plan with economic commitments and operational organization. As well as an indication of the available resources.

“The partnership presented today is a concrete example of the role that a multi-group like Agsm Aim can play in the region by taking an economic and social development perspective with clear benefits for all involved, ensuring better environmental performance, reducing polluting emissions and finally by encouraging technological innovation. A model we hope to set a virtuous and replicable example also in other realities and in the areas in which the group operates,” he commented Stefano Casale, President of Agsm Aim.

“Today’s agreement between our two subsidiaries Veronamercato and Agsm Aim is significant because it finally realizes the goal of creating joint strategies for the ‘Verona System’, where the skills and business of the two companies, in the search for energy savings and the use of new technology, will provide an opportunity for growth for our city making it more competitive. All this thanks to the careful guidance of the municipality of Verona, the reference partner of both entities,” emphasized Michel Grupo, President of Veronamercato.

“There is a need to intervene in energy efficiency, which has been greatly exacerbated today by the new scenarios associated with expensive bills. If sustainability and production policies from renewable sources have so far targeted the environment, today it is a necessity that no longer waits in light of what is happening globally. We understood that Unfortunately, time is over and energy self-sufficiency is a priority goal. The municipality and its invested companies have not wasted any time. Agsm Group puts its expertise in this matter and Veronamercato is committed to modernizing services. This agreement is the result of a far-sighted vision and good management of our companies, and allows us the projects described To look confidently at the most immediate and future challenges.” Federico Spoarina, Mayor of Verona.

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