Snoop Dogg, Clay Mats and NFTs at Cardano

Snoop Dogg, along with Clay Mates, launched his new NFT pool in Cardano in early April, expanding beyond the Ethereum Blockchain.

Snoop Dogg joins the Cardano community with Clay Mates

Mud mates snoop dogg nft
Screenshot from the video presentation of the new NFT group, which was born from the collaboration between Snoop Dogg and Clay Mates

One week after the initial launch, clay matesthe link between artist Snoop Dogg and Cardano communityAnd He released some data about the sales trend of the new NFT group created with the hip-hop singer.

โ€œThe initial launch sale has ended – we have minted:

  • Sonic Village: 8,488 / 10,000
  • Baked Nation: 12,087 / 12,600

We’re reopening the Mint for SV and UW for beginners (same pug roster) to give those who’ve lost it or made a mistake another chance – call it the splash feature, we’ve got you. today | April 12 – 22.00 – 24.00 UTC. Don’t spoil the last chance. Other pitches will be manually reset with priority given to clay owners, CLAY stake pool delegates and active community members. More information soon. Join the controversy to stay informed.”

a new possibility for members The Cardano community, Metaverse followers, and hip-hop star Snoop Dogg To purchase NFTs from this new group.

And indeed, this is the last Update from Clay In another tweet:

“Last week we announced our official collaboration with SnoopDogg & champmedici. This week we sold 32,000 plots. Yesterday we had our second community meeting and we reached 50,000 followers on Twitter. Today it’s Il_ClayMates 1a.

It all started with a spool of mud and a bunch of love from the Cardano community. Happy birthday to us and Charlie Birdkinson Clay Matte #00. Here’s another beast.”

Snoop Dogg celebrates 1 year of NFT with Cardano

The current Clay Nation NFT kit developed on Cardano is one A new experience for an American rapper He wanted to start just one year after entering this explosive sector.

In fact, starting with its first appearance in the world of NFT minted on the Ethereum Blockchain, with โ€œ Journey with DougNow Snoop Dogg wants to expand his technology horizons, using Cardano as well.

the group Expectations a A set of 10,000 digital characters with algorithmically assembled and handcrafted clay features. every letter NFT is unique and stored on the Cardano Blockchain.

Owners of Clay Mates NFTs will be able to use them to explore the Clay Nation metaverse and participate in various virtual events.

The metaverse on the blockchain: Snoop Dogg is also in the Sandbox

At the beginning of this year precisely on the famous corresponding date 02/22/2022, Snoop Dogg will also enter the Sandbox metaverse blockchain.

Entrance opened release From NFT Doggies Co-designed with The Sandbox.

It’s a question here too 10,000 unique avatars that can be used in virtual events of the Sandbox metaverse.

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