Spalletti: «If we think about INTER and AC MILAN, we are wasting energy. The ups and downs at home made me think. Di Lorenzo outside

Blue coach Luciano Spalletti spoke on the eve of the match against Roma, scheduled for Monday afternoon in Maradona.

The victories of Inter and Milan do not change anything, we cannot play other people’s matches and it becomes dangerous to put energy into other people’s matches. We could have tried not to lose the former, but that is also gone and reduces our chances. Our intentions don’t change, we go to win the game no matter who the opponent is

The challenge with Roma is as much a predicament for us as we are for them. The team that feels more threatened, and that will perceive the danger, the team that will be most executive in behaviors in the match will win. You don’t win with “Strength, come on, let’s go”, but by doing what you have to do against a strong opponent“.

Go all in. “I’ve never played poker… I don’t have time. Napoli have never managed anything, we’ve always gone ahead and always look to take everyone to win against anyone to create a winning mentality always. Maybe that’s why we lost some. We’ve never succeeded and won’t manage anything to win matches“.

About Mourinho. “I appreciate Jose’s ability to communicate what he thinks to you, he comes up when he says something… He reminds me of my brother Marcelo (laughs, editor). Today everyone writes that I never beat him, that’s right, now he’s on his way to becoming a legend and winning a challenge against him could also become a thing of the past. To do well you have to beat the legend“.

flops at home. “There are regrets about how things went. We could have jumped on the rankings and instead had difficulties, which is the thing that gave me the most to think about, but when it seems really difficult there is always the open future and the possibility of organizing something for the chances and we go to bring back the remaining chances. We must assess the missed opportunities deeply, without excessive disappointment and without regret: despite the loss, we played a lot … This also happened in the first 30 minutes with Fiorentina, where we had at least 3 positions to score.“.

Lots of goals received. “Possession has always been our strength and as long as we keep the ball we don’t score. If we give the ball to the opponent, it is easier to face difficulties because we do not have a shock team. However, if we don’t put imagination and technology into the game, we have to put other things in the game box and manage it differently. Everything always depends on the levels of quality and inspiration: the more we wear them, the more dangerous they are, but other than that, our tendency can be poison.“.

Lots of pitches for Osimhen. “It’s an analysis we did because there were very few launches. When they attack you as Fiorentina does, you have to shorten your distances, go a short distance and leave them behind. If the distance becomes too much, you have to stay off the ball and it becomes difficult to come back, but it was a way to take advantage, as we did in Florence and others against Fiorentina. On a cross, Insigne himself came back, but he was put in there and could have gone, but we did the analysis too. Football has changed quite a bit, we can’t compare it to the 90s, the old stuff“.

Mertens and Osmen. “It is possible and they have already played together. But at some moments it extends a little if there are two of them. However, no matter who plays, an important person will be disqualified“.

About Fabian and Zelensky. “Fabian is much better, he’s on his way to the top, and he’s not relieved by the groin pain he’s been experiencing for a bit. It’s an option that you can choose from the start. Zelensky is fine, I saw good training today as well. The workouts were good, all on a good level and then in the last one the workload has been reduced and we go with shorter things in order to shine. Zilo is a strong and exceptional young player who will show him in the future and will be ranked among the best players“.

About Di Lorenzo. “There won’t be, next will be. While Petagna has reacted well at the moment, and will therefore be evaluated tomorrow, the indications are positive“.

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