The International Monetary Fund Against Bitcoin and Mining | But the markets ignore…analysis

still International Monetary Fundanother attack on Bitcoin and to a world Cryptocurrency. We start again from the positive card assumptions, which are then inverted Logical Leaps It deserves the worst publicity.

Once again, and sorry if we repeat ourselves, an attack on the sector has no effect on the market. sign that Cassander Now they have no power over the emerging financial world.

The IMF tries again – but fails again

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The IMF is literally terrified

Yes, he is terrified of a scientist Bitcoin and more generally than CryptocurrencyEven if the goals of a powerful international institution all refer to the protocol it created Satoshi Nakamoto. But let’s go in order.

The repercussions of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing sanctions continue to reverberate globally and will test the resilience of the global financial system through several channels, including accelerating crypto, crypto, crypto, crypto, crypto, crypto, crypto. – Accelerated direct and indirect banking markets – crypto-crypto-crypto-crypto crypto-crypto Not banking and potential cyber-related events.

The usual meatloaf is made from Food And references to real situations, or to increased use as well stablecoin In the economies hardest hit by inflation, to get completely reckless conclusions that have absolutely nothing to do with reality.

In fact, it is not clear what the problems International Monetary Fund If people are from countries where the system is Fiat They have already failed significantly, they decided to use, absolutely free, systems that are more reliable and further protect them from inflation.

Or rather, it is being explained, without any real data to back it up International Monetary Fund. In fact, the supposed circumvention of sanctions (and it has already been proven impossible) and the increased secrecy of transactions were mentioned. a combo Able to make an enterprise that is the fifth column of the system scream in terror Fiat.

Eye on Mining: Another source of fear for the IMF

pointing to Bitcoin mining. As is known, you find hospitality in those countries that have abundant and cheap energy. Needless to say, this is a problem for International Monetary Fund.

Indeed, the IMF has emphasized the danger of allowing countries to sell energy indirectly and outside the traditional financial system.

There are two problems with this statement: It is difficult to transfer significant capital without resorting to the traditional banking system from which Russia It is de facto prohibited.

And second hardly Russia You will be able to buy mining machines in bulk, for the reasons mentioned above. The bottleneck is elsewhere, too—to brandish that possibility as a driver of repressive maneuvers is, again, absurd.

Markets Don’t Care: Is the IMF Magic Over?

Just a few months ago, the bearing of a weapon of this type was invoked by International Monetary Fund It could have rocked the markets.

Markets that, on the other hand, continued to operate today, rebounding from the weekend’s slump, with no interest in another Food license plate International Monetary Fund.

What is the solution proposed by the International Monetary Fund?

It is clear that there are more controls and more restrictions aimed at the soft weakness of modern states, or the absolute and complete control of money supply. The usual chant, a tired chant now by those who, at least in our opinion, have a few – figuratively speaking – to shoot.

All this, again, without an iota of evidence, when in reality you fear dangers International Monetary Fund has been proven wrong

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