Unical, the new cycle of medicine and techniques begins. Minister’s Mass: “Very innovative”

To baptize the first academic year of the new year Certificate course in Medicine and Digital Technologiesthe minister should have arrived at the University of Calabria Maria Cristina Mesa. owner Mayur However, due to a transport accident and flight cancellation, she was forced to intervene by video in the opening ceremony which was organized, following strict anti-Covid protocol, in the Aula Magna named after Benjamin Andreta. to report Student sit-ins Against cutbacks in scholarships.

Minister’s intervention

Greetings from the Deans of the University of Magna Graecia in Catanzaro Nicolas de Sarro and Unical Nicolas Lyonthe event coordinated by a Repubblica journalist, Massimo Razzirecorded in the reading magistralis Medicine and artificial intelligence, convened by Nicolas Lyon, one of the leading experts in the subject matter world. Then followed the conclusions of the Minister of the People: «The skills and medical arts will not decrease – he said -. The course comes out as very innovative and innovative that we need I think that everything that was not done in the past years should be restored.”

I hope this course will be a good idea – the minister added – It is an incentive for students not only for the amount of credits they have to achievebut also to understand how these skills are necessary and needed all over the world, to increase and develop research more and more.”

The new course of study

The course is divided into six years. It is characterized by the dual track, developed at the Universities of Arcavacata and Catanzaro, which is useful in achieving double title A master’s degree in Medicine and surgery A bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering – Curriculum The world of bioinformatics. In this way, personalities who are able to apply innovative technological applications of robotic surgery or telemedicine in the healthcare profession will be trained. But future physicians will also have the skills to choose to specialize in biomedical research and bioinformatics or work in the industrial sector. Sixty places are available, additional Compared to the endowment of the University of Catanzaro.

A unique experience in the south

beyond synergy agreement i Narrow minded It allows you to combine the traditional curriculum topics of Magna Graecia with those of technological excellence taught on the Rende campus. The result is a learning experience Unpublished For southern Italy, it was only copied to wisdom Rome, inHumanitas Institute Milan and natural Pisa. In addition to a special focus on artificial intelligence. So we will have doctors with additional skills, ready to meet the challenges of the third millennium.

study plan

The study plan includes 387 credit hours The Training Courses (CFU) are organized as follows:
60 CFU Base AreaThe student will acquire the basic knowledge to understand the structure and function of the human organism (anatomy, genetics, and biology) and to understand the technologies that underpin applications of biomedicine and bioinformatics in the health field (chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science)

122 CFU Preclinical Area: The student will focus on pathophysiological processes and basic mechanisms and will acquire principles of laboratory medicine and useful skills for applying new technologies in health (pharmacogenomics, machine learning, electronics, robotic and biomedical devices, and analysis of vital signals and images)

110 CFU Clinical and Human Sciences FieldStudents will enter into clinical medical practice in the areas of systematic and integrated medical-surgical pathology, pharmacology and toxicology, medical and surgical clinic, neurosciences, general and specialized pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy, emergency medical surgery, medicine and public health . They will also acquire the necessary skills in the field of engineering techniques for modern clinical practice

Training 60 CFU: It will be implemented in the departments of clinical structures already affiliated with the University of Magna Graecia and in other eligible structures that will be affiliated in the coming months, but also in computer laboratories and research centers

8 CFU degree thesis: The student will be required to develop a project using the interdisciplinary skills acquired during the six-year period in the context of a topic of his choice. The mission can also be implemented in hospitals, research centers and companies in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sector

27 ECTS (5 courses) additional to achieve the double degree: highly professional courses geared to the most advanced medical practices that use the latest computer engineering findings; Artificial intelligence, robotics, electronics and sensor technologies.

Remarks of the President of UNICAL University

“It is an example of a virtuous synergy that I think should be assumed at the regional level and in other contexts.” said Nicolas Lyon, Dean of Unical. “Two important universities in our region – he added – They combine their best skills to create a highly innovative and unique tournament on the national sceneWe put everything at the service of the Territory and hope that this initiative will contribute to improving the health of Calabria.”

Professor Marcello Maggiolini, Certificate Course Coordinator, defined the following: “We have 50 registered, we can reach 66, 60 Italians and 6 foreigners max“.Educational activities start already this afternoon.

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