Victoria VR is ready to go! NFT so they did not see each other

In what is now a veritable column about looming new virtual realities that use technology Blockchain, Today’s topic will be metaverse Victoria VR.

Victoria VR is, or rather will be after its launch, a metaverse In the literal sense of the term, i.e. not a simple video game to play for profit, but a world in which users can “do practically anything”. it will be A virtual world Without the physical boundaries of the real world and directly designed so that the exploration experience is realized with the help of a VR viewer.

Victoria VR will practically be a metaverse on the Blockchain where anything is possible: including the endless possibilities of I earn!

METAVERS DISPLAYS partnership Important and advanced roadmap, though resources NFT (Non-Fungible Token) From the metaverse and virtual reality of the original cryptocurrency, which is still low priced and accessible to most people.

Program launch Metaverse Victoria VR It should happen in the second quarter of this year, so it is a very short time for us to rise in the value of NFT From graphic resources and cryptocurrencies associated with the project.

What is the new metaverse blockchain called Victoria VR

metaverse Victoria VR it will be MMORPG game, This is a multiplayer online role-playing game, where open-world role-playing games are defined in technical terms, but will be built entirely on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The advantage is that this metaverse will be based on realistic graphics because it will be the first to be based on a very advanced technology called Unreal Engine.

What you can do in the metaverse is pretty much everything; It is a project similar to The Sandbox and Decentraland, but with different realistic graphics and an amazing experience with visore VR.

Every graphic resource in this world, even those created or modified by users, will be a file NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

The strength of this particular project lies in the technology that has its roots, because the Victoria VR metaverse is designed with a look at future More than it is nowadays, especially in the graphic aspect that ensures more life experience in the metaverse realistic This never.

The Victoria VR metaverse will base the game economy on a new cryptocurrency: VR. What are the expectations?

As for the game economy, Victoria VR will be based on Cryptocurrency Original (VR) which can currently be purchased on the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform Uniswap where 1 VR = 0.13 EUR.

a price Too low for this cryptocurrency that lacks listing on major CEX exchanges for a significant increase.

Another step should be increased price explosion The launch of the VR cryptocurrency will be the launch of the same metaverse that is expected according to the roadmap The second quarter of 2022.

Currently the project Victoria VR It counts among its partners among the leading companies in the technology and crypto sector. The team then announced that several popular brands had already signed up, and intended to open an online store in this metaverse.

These are excellent conditions for success for a project that has so far completed its roadmap smoothly, Cryptocurrency In particular, if we look at the competitors, it turns out to be really promising and the upside shouldn’t be far away given that in the coming months Victoria VR It should be available to users with its full functionality.

How much do Victoria VR LAND NFTs cost?

Let’s leave cryptocurrency and come to NFT Because Victoria VR keeps interesting surprises on this point as well.

What is eagerly awaited before the launch of Metaverse Crypto is always low NFTs related to plots in the metaverse and calls ground.

Also in this case, those who buy the land as the first owner pay a much lower price, with the value of the NFTs subject to an immediate increase. after the drop.

The number of metaverses is always limited, which contributes to the emergence of NFTs value from Earth. Land can still be purchased from another player using Victoria VR. Each owner has the power to decide what to build and how to manage the land they own.

Similarly space can be rented to other users so that one gets one passive income From the mere possession of these Non innate Code.

Land price in Victoria VR is still very high starting from a fluctuating figure From 500 to 20,000 dollars.

Another possibility to earn and have fun is creativity Buildings and NFT Objects For the Victoria VR metaverse.

However, to generate these non-fungible tokens, you will need to collect in-game resources, which can also be purchased at the shop.

How is the Victoria VR metaverse organized regionally?

From this virtual world 3D city Victoria It will be the capital, and the height of the skyscraper is 289 meters in the center.

The city is divided into four districts, each with a theme: Futuristic, Cyberpunk, Historic and Green.

The futuristic area Defined by the development team as the most advanced of the four regions and governed by the most sophisticated and rigorous AI, which regulates every aspect of life in the region.

The Cyberpunk District It also represents an unusual scenario because there are no building construction laws or limits. In any case, you will be shown in a world where the bright colors of bright neon dominate the NFTs.

Historic District It is the heart of Victoria VR and also the oldest part of town, where the buildings are truly historic.

The green neighborhood Featuring only wood-built buildings, life in the neighborhood is all about sustainability.

Victoria VR is the first metaverse where even avatars will be fully realistic NFTs

Even NFTs that will represent 3D Avatar From this metaverse is completely realistic in graphics. To create the graphic resource for avatars, the models were the Metahumans of Unreal; NFTs in each aspect can be modified with over a million possible combinations. The team guarantees that it will be possible to recreate anyone in Victoria VR.

Also, in the metaverse, users will be able to own more than one NFT That is, more avatars, which by completing missions can get special abilities, even flying.

In the same way it will be possible to buy and create a so-called NFT wearable devices Any clothes to personalize your character in the metaverse.

As we already mentioned metaverse Victoria VR should be available to the public by the end of the second quarter of 2022, in the meantime you can enjoy the trailer revealing an interesting preview From this new virtual reality:

What are Victoria VR ‘quests’ that allow you to earn free NFTs and cryptocurrency?

An important part of the Victoria VR metaverse is “mission”, These are “quests”, and for completing them you get rewards.

By completing tasks, users can actually get or NFT Rare tokens or games, such as virtual reality cryptocurrency.

In particular, the rare missions and the Epic quests that allows you to conquer Non-Fungible Code It is categorized as ‘Rare’ or ‘Epic’ and is therefore of more value as well. But the most desirable prizes will be Legendary NFT It can only be obtained by completing legendary quests that occur sporadically in the metaverse.

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