“We will put energy into the race to recover.”

A lengthy interview with Genoa’s general manager, Johannes Spurs, appeared today in Rhein Neckar Zeitung. Much has been said about his career, which had its beginnings with his work between RedBull Leipzig, Hoffenheim and Hamburg. Then arches in Vitesse before reaching Griffinwhich is now managing the sports section.

The interview also traces Spurs’ working day at Villa Rostan, Genoa headquarters (“”It is very long and intense days, with the main theme being to check all the departments and reorganize if necessary and provide them with innovation and technology“) and the goals he set for himself in his adventure in Genoa. Genoa in American colours.

Genoa was acquired by an American investment company in the fall of 2021 and the goal of 777 Partners is to transform the oldest club in Italy into a cutting-edge and innovative club. – Spores explains – The angel approached me with this vision and ambition. This convinced me. We have been welcomed here with open arms. Investors are normal in Italy and Europe. Germany is the exception, not the rule.

Among the topics covered was a very recent one, President Zangrillo had already addressed yesterday in Telenord: Creating a galaxy of clubs within the holding company 777 Partners. An innovative aspect that can also create an exchange of skills in the planning and transportation market, he wrote in the past few days Oh Globea famous Brazilian newspaper, in a focus dedicated to Vasco da Gama Who will have in just two weeks to finish the transfer market to face the Brazilian second division championship. “It’s definitely a trend that’s emerging Spurs argues – But it is clear that the focus of my work is on Genoa. There is also cooperation with other clubs and that is also very exciting. In January – four weeks after my arrival – one manager was sacked, nine players were drawn and 13 were let go. The Spors continues, and returns completely to the Tropic of Genoa – But this is the pastFor the future, we want more stability and continuity in planning for the team and employees“.

In this sense, we also return to the exemption of Shevchenko. “My faith goes back to a very clear game idea – Rossoblo general manager explains – High pressure, rapid change of the forehead, severity, aggressiveness. It was easier to implement with Alexander Blissin which is why I decided to appoint him as manager. Shevchenko is a really good guy, he is going through a very tough time as a citizen of Ukraine. I already wrote him two or three letters because the human side is never left“.

His colleagues in the German newspaper also asked him about his association with Blissin and whether his tactical readiness as well as in terms of exploration, sometimes leads him to confront the coach on tactical issues. “Alexander Plessin and I know each other from Leipzig – Spurs starts – He was a youth coach at the time. We know we speak the same language when it comes to football. Ultimately, the manager has the responsibility and the decision on how to approach the next match. I see myself instead as a partner in sparring, even in tactical matters“.

Finally, the usual question about the dangers of the second division. A risk that the Spurs, given their good moment in Genoa, do not want to take into account.. “In the event that we have made preparations for the year of Serie B, but now we are putting a lot of energy into the race to recover.“.

Genoa, Zangrillo to Telenord: “An immediate need to keep Serie A. Plessin? Will have a long future “

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