Assalzoo, the government’s irresponsible choice on by-products

ROME – Turning into law a government decree containing measures to address the energy crisis could have serious consequences for the animal feed and animal husbandry sector and endanger the security of the food supply. In fact, the ruling states that food by-products, which have always been used to produce animal feed, can be diverted for use in biogas production. ASSALZOO – The National Association of Food Producers in Animal Husbandry is vehemently opposed to this wrong and dangerous rule that steals valuable resources for food production and seriously affects the Italian agricultural and food sector.

According to Asalzo, the Decree-Law No. 17 of 2022 conversion bill, which has already been approved by the House of Representatives by resorting to confidence and close to a vote in the Senate, surprisingly provides for the use of by-products from the agri-food industry in the bioanalyzer to produce bio-methane. These include products derived from the processing of grains, such as bran and sugar, such as molasses and beet pulp, and all by-products of the bakery, bakery and pasta industries, even seed flours. The oilseeds that Italy is forced to import in abundance from third countries at a high price. There are about 9 million tons per year of secondary raw materials coming from these and other food circles that are exploited by Italian fodder to produce food for the livestock raised in our country. The data that makes Italy a virtuous country and a pioneer in terms of circular economy and sustainability in the agri-food sector.

Providing the possibility to use these by-products to produce biogas would create unfair and unnatural competition between the energy and food sectors. The consequences will be a further increase in inflation, with a new increase in the prices of agricultural raw materials used for animal feed, which are already completely insufficient to cover domestic demand, and a real danger to the food security of Italy, which suffers from a dangerous dependence from abroad for its supplies. But this would also lead to serious damage to consumers who would suffer an immediate increase in the prices of basic food products of animal origin such as meat, milk, eggs and fish, with the risk of seeing the same offer reduced on supermarket counters.

With an understanding of the urgency of the government’s work in the field of energy policy after the war in Ukraine, ASSALZOO strongly rejects the measure on by-products, considering it a completely wrong choice and a real bounce that will hit the Italians in a good way. Indispensable as food. A largely poorly understood rule, especially at a time when the ongoing serious epidemic and the effects of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict have already put pressure on agricultural, livestock and food production and security of supply in our country due to the difficulty of finding the raw materials needed to ensure food production. ASSALZOO asks the government to follow in its footsteps and understand how agricultural food production is an absolute and necessary priority that cannot be sacrificed for the sake of energy production, jeopardizing social peace in our country.

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