Data science, Eni-Ammagamma’s focus for researching the “secrets” of big data

Data science as a foundation for innovation: on this column is located on Collaboration between data science firm Ai Ammagamma and energy giant Eni. The agreement announced by the two companies aims to combine the skills of their respective teams in order to Enhanced data-driven search and advanced application of data science to develop high-impact innovative projects and strategies. There are also training programs and initiatives for local communities. For example, as part of this cooperation, Eni has lent its support to the initiative “Girls in the monastery” Ammagamma, an educational path that aims to bring female students closer to the disciplines Steam – Actually, SteamWhich combines art, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Research and innovation activities at Ammagamma and Eni will be conducted withinHidden Data Lab, Artificial Intelligence Lab Where you will explore the teams of the two companies The ‘hidden’ potential of big data to locate Solutions to problems that remain undisclosed.

Data science cross-sectional skills

The stated goal of Eni and Ammagamma is actually to share the experience of people with very different professional skills and Create pollution, so that the data can be analyzed from different points of view To identify new approaches and specific answers. Data science and artificial intelligence experts at Eni and Ammagamma inHidden data lab.

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Exploratory analysis and advanced interpretation of data, developing skills and training programs for internal staff, creating synergies with international and local realities, promoting social innovation initiatives, and supporting and interacting with local communities. Four guiding elements for joint action.

The hidden potential of data

He commented, “Expanding the ecosystem of collaboration is an integral part of the Amagamama philosophy.” David Bevilacqua, CEO of Amagamma. “We are delighted to sign this collaboration with Eni which will allow for an ongoing exchange of skills between our teams, with a common goal of applying data science to unleash the untapped potential of data and create new business value and unprecedented development opportunities for society.”

“The great value we see in Hidden Data Lab is specifically allowing people from different sectors to collaborate and look at things in a new way,” concluded Bevilacqua. “Data itself has little value if it is not correlated and thus turned into information. Within the hidden data lab nothing is taken for granted and people’s goal is exactly Get out everything that hides the dataAsk questions to understand in advance if a problem will arise and find a solution before the problem becomes apparent.”

Steam, “Girls in the Convent” initiative

for initiative “Girls in the monastery” From Ammagamma supported by Eni, a An educational path that aims to bring female students closer to the disciplines of Steam. During organized meetings At the headquarters of Ammagamma in ModenaEni data scientists and designers collaborated with Ammagamma experts to give life Workshop “Thinking of Data” that allows girls to explore the world of data science.

Starting with the analysis of some specific “people”, the students will create their own project, with the aim of imagining and developing new possible solutions for different goals, critically analyzing data on the movement of people in the Modena region, in the pre- and post-pandemic periods.

At the end of the project, Alessandra Fidanzi, Head of the Digital Factory and Center of Excellence for Data Science, Design Thinking and Lean by Eni, will be the protagonist of an online lecture Addressed to female students, which will be held on April 28, 2022 on the occasion ofinternational girls on ict day, He offers his invaluable contribution and his own reading of the “Gender Gap Phenomenon in the Steam and Ict World”.

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