Degree L-26 in Agri-Food Science and Technology (Online)

The Three-year degree course in Food Science and Technology It is perfect for you if you have a passion for the earth and its products. Choosing to join this scientific and applied track means preparing to become a qualified professional in the field of agri-food technologiesfrompower supply Based on gastronomy.

By carefully reading the study plan, it is immediately clear that the ultimate goal, the mission, is to improve Food From an economic but also qualitative point of view, to work within companies that aim to respect sustainability in the full and fullest sense of the term.

there graduation class (L-26) It will allow you to carry out the career you love: This guide will, instead, outline all the most important aspects of the path within the Telematic universities in Food Science and Technology talking about Jobs And Competition classes.

If you intend to take this path by choosing Graduation Class L-26 But you still have a lot of doubts, fill out the form at the end of the guide by entering your personal data. You will be contacted free of charge and without obligation by one of our experts at Food Science and Technology.

L-26 Agri-Food Science and Technology in Online Universities

L-26 in Food Science and Technology Within remote universities, it has only one pathway that has very specific characteristics:

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  • Food sciences and gastronomy


there Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology (L-26) It allows you to take a full course in the disciplines that you love most without giving up experience in the field. The Online UniversityIn fact, they allow you to study and work at the same time thanks to one e-learning platform Where educational materials are always available to students.

The Registrations are open all year round At no additional cost, just hand in documents related to registration and tax payment to access the platform and start studying during breaks from work or personal life. Furthermore, if you already have a university job behind you, you can apply for recognition of educational credits and thus get a certain number of exams already recognized.

will save on Costs of displacement and Education media You can also aspire to reach one of many Scholarship Programs provided by the university. At the end of the course, you will obtain a qualification that is valid in all respects like any traditional university and which will give you the opportunity to participate in public competitions and corporate selection processes within national and international organisations.

Agrifood Science and Technology L-26: Expected Job Opportunities

The L-26 graduating class Once they obtain their degree recognized by MIUR, they will be able to work in different fields such as:

  • From logistics and packaging
  • Monitoring food production and processing
  • Quality control but also chemical, sensory and nutritional properties
  • Attention to raw materials
  • The health aspects of the products, their safety from the moment of sowing to the serving of the table
  • Meal management within companies that deal with restaurants or even the institutions themselves
  • For the entire food and wine supply chain
  • sectoral press
  • from the marketing sector
  • Management of companies producing related organic products
  • Effluent purification and by-product recovery processes

Choosing a job to be performed in a sector Food Science and Technology It will depend a lot on your personal interests, but you can start by wondering if after obtaining your bachelor’s degree you intend to continue your studies with one Master. With the specialized degree, in fact, you will be able to get into the competition class and follow the correct procedure to get into the course. Read on to find out which ones are Competition classes It could be destined for you.

Agri-food science and technology L-26: What can it be taught? Competition classes

Let’s start by saying – an aspect that many ignore – to get to Competition classes for teaching You must have won Master (Otherwise, you will not be able to teach): So you have to practice after getting the degree in Food Science and Technology (L-26), You will have to study for another two years and get another degree.

The range of possibilities is very wide; After earning a bachelor’s degree you can choose between degree courses specializing in:

LM-61 – Human Nutrition Science
LM-69 – Agricultural Science and Technology
LM-70 – Food Science and Technology

Thanks to one of these, the best that represents you, you will be able to access the following Competition classes for food science and technology:

A-15 – Health Specialties
A-28 – Mathematics and Science
A – 31 – Food Science
A-34 – Chemical sciences and technology
A-51 – Agricultural Science, Technology and Techniques
A-52 – Animal Production Science, Technology and Technique
A-60 – Technology in Middle School

How will you go forward? After completing your master’s degree and passing the general competition, you will obtain a qualification to teach in:

  • Technical Institutes
  • professional institutes
  • High school
  • First year secondary schools

Here we summarize what you need to know Three-year degree course in Food Science and Technology (L-26) If you still have questions or concerns, fill out the form below to be contacted free of charge by one of our consultants.

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