Degree L-28 in Navigational Science and Technology (Online)

The Bachelor of Science in Navigational Science and Technology (L-28) It aims to train competent professional figures in the field of navigation and all related teachings. During this trip Naval Ship Management or an airport (You will have to choose between one approach and another.) In this context, you will have to study topics such as climateThe maps drawing and the Atmospheric Physics.

This is the perfect path for you if you are passionate guidance And Transportation (by ship, air and land) and if you are interested in studying geological, geophysical (including geology and geography) and engineering (including hydrology, terrain and aeronautical mechanics) disciplines.

If you want to become an expert in Navigational Science and Technology (L-28) Read the entire guide carefully and find out which one is Jobs and the Competition classes. At the bottom of this article you will find a form to fill out by entering your personal data to be contacted free of charge and without obligation by an expert advisor.

L-28 Navigation Science and Techniques in Online Universities

L-28 in Navigation Science and Technology In remote universities, it has only one path, which we suggest in this table:

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  • Transport sciences and technology


with the Bachelor’s degree in Navigational science and technology (L-28) You have access to a very wide range of in-depth studies but above all, thanks to the advanced technology expressed through the e-learning platform, you can study and work at the same time. The Education media It is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way you can train without neglecting professional experience, reduce apprenticeships and start working quickly.

You can subscribe to Navigational science and technology (L-28) At any time of the year: Unlike traditional universities, online universities offer an open form that does not limit enrollment to certain periods of the year. Furthermore, if you have already taken college exams, you can ask for their recognition through the Training Credit Acknowledgment procedure.

The qualifications obtained are recognized by Mayur It is valid in all respects to support public competitions and career choices in companies in the sector. Teaching quality is constantly monitored byANVUR Every year it analyzes the level of all universities and highlights critical issues to ensure that they can be corrected. If you want to know the degree assigned to the university you are interested in, fill out the form at the end of the article.

L-28 Navigation Science and Technology: Expected Job Opportunities

there Bachelor’s Degree in Navigational Science and Technology (L-28) It offers you many possibilities in terms of Jobs. With this path you can become:

  • Air and land transport technician
  • stewardess or hostess
  • Aircraft pilot or pilot (with the help of specific courses offered by relevant bodies)
  • Aviation Services Operator

However, for some of these professions, it must be specified that Bachelor’s Degree in Navigational Science and Technology (L-28) But it is necessary to integrate one’s skills with the courses offered by schools and bodies designated by law.

After you acquire all the necessary skills, you can also participate in a public competition in Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Or participate in calls for tenders related to the competition categories. If you want to know more, keep reading this short guide, or keep going and fill out the information request form.

L-28 Navigational science and technology: what can be taught? Competition classes

Navigational Science and Technology (L-28) It is not a sufficient path to allow you to teach. To be able to do this, you must have a master’s degree, plus 24 CFUs at your convenience dedicated to human-psycho-pedagogical disciplines, teaching methodologies and technologies.

The best accessible master’s degree in this field is LM-72 – Master’s Degree in Navigational Science and Technology.

The competition categories for navigation technologies are:

A-20 – Physics

A-27 – Mathematics and Physics

A-28 – Mathematics and Science

A-33 – Aviation Science and Technology

A-36 – Logistics Science and Technology

A-39 – Shipbuilding Science and Technology

A-41 – Computer Science and Technology

A-43 – Marine Science and Technology

A-60 – Technology in Middle School

You will then be able to teach in:

  • High school
  • Technical Institutes
  • professional institutes

A very wide range of possibilities that will give you the opportunity to test yourself in related disciplines Navigational Science and Technology (L-28). We have come to the end of this path, if you still have doubt or there are any aspects that are not clear to you, feel free to fill out the form below.

You will be contacted immediately by one of our consultants who can obtain a discount on registration and guide you through all the bureaucratic procedures that are usually very difficult. You will have a pre-registered tutor and then a tutor will be assigned to your route. You’ll never be alone and that, believe us, in some moments is key.

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