El Salvador Doesn’t Issue Bitcoin Bonds As Promised

For some it may seem like bad news, for others, on the contrary, it may seem like a smart move. The truth is that El Salvador I decided to postpone the release Bitcoin Bonds Compared to what he promised a few months ago, but also a few weeks ago.

To catalyze this choice, Alejandro Zelaya thought about it. Explain why El Salvador decided not to release a file Vulcan Bonds from Bitcoin From a billion dollars, the Salvadoran Finance Minister left no room for doubt. The state wants to wait for more favorable market conditions.

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Nothing Has Been Done: Bitcoin Bonds Are Not Issued

about government El Salvador The promised stage in which it will be issued Bitcoin Bonds This is no longer the ideal. The global financial market, according to the Salvadoran Finance Minister, is not yet ready for release. So we have to wait.

That is why nothing happened in the ranks of El Salvador between 15 and 20 March. It was the government that fueled this decision geopolitical tension This has led to some uncertainty about digital assets. There has been talk of a risky squeeze on cryptocurrencies in general.

It must also be said in the last days Bitcoin Overtaken by altcoins. In fact, the latter, with great surprise, posted increases much higher than those of the cryptocurrency queen. This showed on the one hand their independence and on the other hand the relationship between the first cryptocurrency through the market capitalization of the stock markets.

When El Salvador has identified this issue

At the moment, there is no confirmed information about the upcoming dates, most likely, decided by El Salvador onproblem from Bitcoin Bonds. According to some rumors, no matter how reliable, it seems that the government directly selects a month September of the same year. Here’s what Zelaya said to local TV microphones:

In May or June, the differences in the market are slightly different. At the latest in September. After September, if it goes out to the international market, it is difficult to raise capital.

So the perfect time to release a file Bitcoin Bonds It will be in the first half of the year. In the meantime, however, the Orders for bonds. Many El Salvador retailers are still showing interest, although some major institutions have momentarily been sidelined.

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