“Here to make a change”

Mauro Bergamasco And then, perhaps, the second division Barry tigers Assault with International Technical Director: Mauro Bergamasco, As a player 106 games in NationalAs well as two league titles with Benetton and two French championships. It was served in the morning at Town Hall. “I thank Tigers Rugby Bari who are really a beautiful, important sports club in our city, also working hard this year to go to the second division – as Pietro Petrozzelli said -. We are sure that Mauro Bergamasco, a highly experienced rugby player, will be valuable Our contribution as management is to initiate the construction of a newly built stadium for rugby and American football, in a semi-peripheral area of ​​the city, Cateno, because we are convinced that the sport can be an important integrating tool.The business, which is currently on hold for administrative reasons, is on the verge “The appeal and we assess it can be completed by the end of the year, in order to give the city the new sporting facility, the new home of rugby. In a way we will also remember someone who gave so much to Bari rugby, which is Claudio Bianchini.”

“I am proud to be part of the Barry Tigers, a group with whom I have been born since the first project contact we are building, and which we will implement together – as announced by Mauro Bergamasco -. Our project has artistic value and relational value to recognize child development. Through the work of educators from under 5 to under 7, we discover how to suggest rugby to youngsters, and experiment with other ways of telling the rules. Because the fundamental aspect of sport, and rugby does it in a certain way, is the educational factor, the way we offer young people a path to growth and connection. Basically, there is the ability of teachers to notice the mood in which children experience activities in the field, but also the opportunity to give them what they are asking indirectly, without using words. This is already in the Barry Tigers where I have come to realize the affection and availability that teachers and coaches bring to the field. Based on this, we will build our artistic proposal, according to the fact that children find a basis for pleasure but also comparison with themselves. Then there is the first team that faces a momentous moment in its history, so it will be necessary to maintain a balance while laying the foundations for defining a style and philosophy of play that can then be dismantled and brought down to a lower level. Categories. This is so that there is real continuity and a unique vocabulary is built, from five-year-old to adult, as long as the Tigers Rugby Bari shirt is worn.”

“We want to give a change to rugby red and white – explained Gennaro Totaro -. Bergamasco, with his skills and rational and emotional appeal, can give us that beneficial push to take a big step. The project that brought Bergamasco to Bari is part of a line of long-term planning, commitment, investment that will pay off. It pays off, and guarantees them for years to come. Mauro will take care of all technical programs from mini rugby to senior team, help and pass on guidance to all technicians of different categories.”

“The arrival of Mauro Bergamasco as Technical Director of our company is part of a specific medium and long-term program that sees Tigre Rugby Bari position itself as a reference company not only in the city or in the region but throughout the thirsty south. Great Rugby – continued Luca Spitzga -. Aims. Our projects are to improve the offer of educational sports for all age groups with a specific desire to do important social work in the region, also involving those young people whose energy and vitality need to be properly channeled. We are and will increasingly be able to accompany young and old athletes on the path of athletic and moral growth.”

“It is not only technical issues – concluded Carmine Volpetti – we are already engaged in an educational/social campaign that allows us into schools to make our discipline, our educational values, loyalty, respect for rules and our opponent known. In fact, the Destination Schools project provides training, both pedagogical and fieldwork, to high school students; This morning, for example, the boys from the Linusi Polyvalent Institute, technical and economic title, are training at the Vitoria Stadium. They do this twice a week, alternating with students of the Vivante-Gorjux Vocational College, directed by two of our technicians. Last week, we also held A symposium on child nutrition with a focus on those who play sports, led by Dr. Manganelli. Bullying and cyberbullying will be the topics of upcoming meetings in schools and schools and we have already provided our availability to cooperate with social services for the recovery of minors at risk of delinquency.”

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