Innovations introduced by the government

The astonishing increase in the prices of raw materials, electricity and gas, along with the outbreak of war in Ukraine in recent weeks, has led the government to put in place urgent solutions aimed at counteracting the increase in prices in various sectors.

Among the measures aimed at calming Electricity and gas prices On the one hand and the search for a valid alternative to Energy Dependence in Russia On the other handThe Ministry of Environmental Transformation issued a special decree. This in particular Decree-Law March 1, 2022, no. 17, bear Urgent measures to contain the costs of electricity and natural gas, to develop renewable energies and to re-launch industrial policies (hereinafter Decree Law 17/2022). Below is a check for Ads Which is of greater interest to each of the interests privateI am this from Entrepreneurship category.

Simplify the installation of renewable energy systems

The provisions of Article 9 of Decree-Law No. 17/2022 Regular maintenance interventions: PV system installation Based on solar thermal systems on buildings or on structures and artifacts above ground (other than buildings) and Realization of functional business of communication from the plants themselves.

Single model for power plants above 50 kW and up to 200 kW

Decree-Law No. 17/2022 states that unique model Established by legislative decree November 8, 2021, n. 199 . can be used As well as to license renewable energy plants with a capacity between 50 kW and 200 kW. The Circumstances and the method to Extension of this form It will be defined inside On May 1, 2022 with special decree Issued by the Ministry of Environmental Transformation.

Simplification of Closed Circuit Geothermal Sensor Systems

by May 1, 2022 The Ministry of Environmental Transformation will release more decree With Requirements for the installation of heat production plants from geothermal resources stomach for Heating and for Air conditioning for buildings and for Electricity generation. Moreover, by the same decree, the cases at any Simplified licensing procedure And those where systems installation can be considered Free building activity. meHe plants They will have one Energy less than 2 megawatts and only exchange heat energy with earth.

Boosting natural gas supplies

By 2 Aprilor GSE or its affiliates (GSE Group) It will invite concessionaires to grow natural gasLocated within the mainland, territorial sea and continental shelf, To express their interest in participating in the long-term procurement of locally produced natural gas.

Extension of individual authorization for both marine stations and network connection works

Decree-Law No. 17/2022 states that one permission planning for Marine Renewable Energy Plants It should also apply to Network connection works from the same plants.

Tax credit for energy efficiency in the regions of southern Italy

Until November 30, 2023 The Business that they do Investing in certain regions of southern Italy recognized a Contribution in the form of a tax credit within 145 million euros for both 2022 and 2023. In particular, interventions should aim to get better Energy Efficiency and to strengthen Energy production from renewable sources And it must be conducted in the following regions: Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily.

Zero system fees for the second quarter of 2022

to reduce the effects of Rising prices In the field ElectricianARERA will be canceled for Q2 2022 Rates related to general system fees applicable to home utilities and facilities Non-local low voltagefor other uses, With an available power of 16.5 kW.

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