Investments or speculation? What cryptocurrency to buy in a changing world

It is part of the skills that a person acquires with his knowledge to be able to create tools, adapt things and create solutions to improve one’s life. In one word: Technique. Everything the human mind thinks and does is a form of technology. With this term, we should think not only of things that help individuals in daily life, such as devices or transportation, but also of everything that facilitates relationships with other human beings.

until the Capital, understood as coins and banknotes, is a technology. Like any technological device, it is subject to changes and improvements to facilitate its implementation and use. Throughout the history of mankind, money has been reaped from various types of metals, improving the method of forging them to ensure their authenticity and durability. Banknotes have gone from being printed on cotton fibres, to special paper with watermarks, to modern banknotes made of plastic polymers.

Although today The real revolution It came thanks to virtual currencies that over the course of a little over a decade have become true champions of the global economy.

Why cryptocurrency instead of traditional currencies

With the increasingly interconnected way services, multimedia products and information travel at the speed of a mouse click, money can’t be beat. All the way to an increasingly driven form of digitization.

One might think that coins are already in digital form: this is true even if this is more than one physical abstraction. It is no secret that banks and financial institutions issue and receive bank transfers (or other financial transactions) electronically. However, the underlying value they move with is still dependent on traditional backed funds central entities: governments.

The Instead, cryptocurrencies are born on the Internet, Its value is not guaranteed by a specific and identifiable central body, but by the fact that people accept this kind of value as payment for goods and services. Moreover, digital currencies are not counterfeitable and it becomes easy to track each individual transaction.

With cryptocurrency, two subjects can exchange amounts in almost real time, bypassing traditional physical limits Without going through third parties Such as banks or credit card departments. Like it or not, cryptocurrencies are going to be the future. Mass adoption may not be so close yet, it will be some time before this type of coin can be used for everyday needs, but the path is definitely marked. Currently, cryptocurrencies are a great way to transfer money without going through the banks and a way to make short and long-term investments.

How to choose the cryptocurrency to buy

Those who already understood that the indicated direction wasted no time. Pay for a service or get rewarded for a single service Performance in cryptocurrency It is now easily possible. Many other people use cryptocurrencies instead for trading, with private and specialized brokers recommending a list of the best cryptocurrencies to make a profit from the sale.

However, the The virtual currency market is vast, Orienting yourself today can be complicated for those who have never followed the evolution of this world. Whether you want to make a short-term profit or create a real store of value, choosing which cryptocurrency to orient yourself to is one of the first issues to solve for those who want to invest in this sector.

Buy the most popular cryptocurrencies

Choose the best cryptocurrency among The most famous digital currencies It is a good idea for both those who have never considered this option and for those who trade regularly.

Today there are many cryptocurrencies that have managed to gain popularity by relying on the trading volume that can be used for heavy trading and as a kind of piggy bank. thanks for the a large number of exchanges, Converting these virtual currencies into classic cash is very fast. Among the main cryptocurrencies to look at we can list:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)Encryption with distinction enough to earn a title digital gold, this coin does exactly what it was created for and it works eerily well; Today Bitcoin is widely accepted in online purchases and is a reference point for the entire sector;
  • Ethereum (ETH) The digital currency created by Vitalik Buterin, you can read her story on this page, in addition to performing the functions of Bitcoin, the blockchain on which it is based, it allows third parties to create applications and other sub-currencies, called Codeusing its technology;
  • Litecoin (LTC)which has long been considered the younger brother of Bitcoin, so much so that it has earned the nickname digital silverSubsequently, the creator Charlie Lee left the project as shown here, and never concealed that its inspiration was precisely Bitcoin, but compared to this, it managed to be cheaper and faster in transactions;
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)which originated from the traditional Bitcoin derivation, has its own technology and blockchain, compared to the original currency but offers items of more speed, there is always a heated debate about which one is better but in the meantime Bitcoin Cash has managed to introduce three which are the most traded and used digital currencies.

There are other interesting things, which are difficult to include in the list, but at the moment these are the ones most chosen to make profit through trading and to save sums in the hope of higher value in the long run.

Alternative Currencies: Alternative Cryptocurrencies

As mentioned today, the market is important Thousands of suggestions And it’s not too far away to be able to identify or hear a small digital currency that you can generate More or less rapid rises From 3 or even 4 numbers. They are called Alt currency Where the alternative prefix is ​​not in the sense of stop but for alternative currency.

It makes no sense to include them in the list, they are proposals of all kinds and most of them are based on other block chains. Many use Ethereum networks of servers, nodes, computers, and other Neo, Cardano, or Binance networks, all of them Blockchain that allows you to create other tokens. Many altcoins are created to perform a specific function or to suggest themselves as a currency intended for a single market.

Apart from some altcoins, with higher trading volume, investing in most of them is required maximum attention. This is a matter Risks and Volatility Substantial plus the possibility that the project may not have the right after the developers themselves give up the next value of the token that has been reduced to zero.

Project AnalysisE, understand if the idea behind it is a good one have a futureThus, researching information about who the promoters are are becoming essential steps to understanding whether an altcoin can really be valid or not.


Investing professionally, a Speculative or long-term purposesIt includes several steps. The world of cryptocurrency is still largely unregulated, so it is necessary to rely on reliable brokers who can provide not only the trading platform but also the right analytics for every new cryptocurrency in the market.

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