Juventus – Elkann returns to the strike: a severe warning to the players and the Juventus coach

Face to face on the Elkann-Allegri axis: the situation is getting hotter. The entrepreneur returns to fan social media with a message that leaves everyone speechless, throwing himself against the coach and the players.

Uncomfortable news access to Massimiliano Allegrihis performance Juventus undisguised Elkan Who vent after a tie against BolognaThe situation is hot and the fans go crazy.

John and Labo Elkann [Credit: ANSA] – Il Calcio . Magazine

A season consisting of a thousand ups and downs in Juventus Even here. team training the above cheerful It falls short of expectations at the start of the season regarding the Tuscan coach’s return to the Juventus bench.

Although there is a summer market that is undoubtedly not excellent with only arrivals from LocatelliAnd ken And Cayo Jorge farewell Cristiano RonaldoPredictions for the season Juventus It was much higher than the results obtained by the Turin club. Back to the bench Max Allegrithe man with 11 titles in 5 seasons, has given fans a team Juventus Which, however, had to change their mind since the first seasonal releases.

The Bianconeri’s very slow start damaged the championship ambitions of the Piedmontese who had to settle the fight for fourth place, which by no means closed 5 days after the finish.

European track Juventus It has been as disappointing as the last two seasons. After a good qualifying round saw Juventus Get first place on the account Chelsea The defending champions, the Bianconeri were eliminated again in the round of 16 against a team of less technical depth, Villareal.

A comprehensive negative season did not escape the family Elkanwhich has always been closely associated with lambsfriends Juventus. The words said by a family member are disturbing cheerful They turned on the supporters.

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Elkann vs Allegri: That sentence no one expected

last match against Bologna to Juventus He was stirred up by an unexpected social clash between Maximilian cheerful And Labo Elkann.

The Tuscan technician returned to Juventus Only two seasons into the first season, he has always said he is calm about his immediate future on the club’s bench Turinso far after collecting the 4 points in the last 3 matches.

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri [Credit: ANSA] - Il Calcio . Magazine
Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri [Credit: ANSA] – Il Calcio . Magazine

However, after Saturday’s home game, she posted a tweet by Labo Elkann It sparked controversy as well as fan fantasies.

“We are not very happy!!! cheerful…” This is the offensive tweet that sparked a face-to-face confrontation across social media.

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effect that family Elkan Has homemade options Juventus Known to all and the dull season of the Bianconeri, mixed with these words, is likely to lead Max Allegri In his second stop with Juventus. However, it did not end here, because the businessman returned on social media with a very strong message addressed to the Juventus coach and the team. “Dear master and dear players, tonight we are going to win. Let it be a cooked and eaten game” He wrote on Twitter referring to the Coppa Italia match against Fiorentina. It is almost a warning to warn that in case of defeat, everyone could end up in the dock and the situation could change radically.

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