metaverse where players get free NFTs!

The cipher metaversesor hypothetical facts based on technology Blockchain, Entering the ecosystem of Cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokenIt offers users many possibilities not only for entertainment, but also for earning and investing, for example by trading native digital currencies and NFTs for digital assets, such as avatars and real estate.

Another earning potential is the chance to play in Play to earn video games On the Blockchain that can be obtained Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. However, all of these games have a common drawback: that they have the character of mini-games, that is, the structure, Play The graphics are very simple.

The world of Illuvium, a new Blockchain metaverse for players, is completely different from its predecessors and creates a complex game in terms of plot and gameplay, but using Blockchain technology still relies on cryptocurrency to sell NFT Resources.

In fact, at the moment they do not exist yet 3D video games Cinematic quality built entirely on Blockchain, but Illuvium aims to represent the first high-quality open-world role-playing video game in both graphic and gameplay, but cryptocurrency is used in it.

Let’s see what the novo will consist of in detail Eluvium metaverse Also what are the endless possibilities to invest in cryptocurrency and NFT.

The Illuvium metaverse, where NFTs are exchanged without commission thanks to the immutable X protocol

Eluvium It will be a great open world role-playing video game that uses Blockchain technology, i.e. where the digital assets are NFT The game economy depends on The original cryptocurrency ILValthough it is still supported for purchases ETH The original digital currency of the Ethereum Blockchain that the game runs on.

The NFT, For example, digital assets whose ownership can be written on the Blockchain, a large public archive, is becoming increasingly popular. However, one of the issues with these resources is the fact that the most popular Blockchain to use them is ethereum, Which to process each transaction uses a Proof of Work protocol, such as Bitcoin, which requires a lot of power and little scalability. result of this Gas fee On Ethereum, i.e. commissions when created (coinage) Or you always buy NFTs that are very high and that alienates a portion of the users.

Specifically to address this cost problem Eluvium It is a metaverse that is always built on the Ethereum Blockchain, but uses a different protocol, i.e. X is immutablethis has the advantage of greater scalability and allows VR users to exchange digital assets with Zero expenses From commissions, i.e. without Ethereum gas fees.

In addition to reduced costs, fixed X is also guaranteed faster transactions Thus a better gaming experience, with 9000 transactions per second supported.

Illuvium will be the largest video game on the Blockchain. Some ideas about plot and gameplay!

Before addressing the question of how to invest in Eluvium metaverse with Cryptocurrencies and NFTs Let’s see better what this virtual world consists of.

In this fantastic RPG, you will be one of the members of one space fleet Investigate a mysterious distress signal, but this will take you to a devastated planet where your spaceship will crash and where your adventure on a planet surrounded by ocean crystal.

This planet is shaken by the pioneer weather events Which constantly changes the setting and the game scenario, making the experience in the metaverse more diverse and dynamic.

Your task as a player will be to explore this world and unravel its mysteries by becoming a player Fisher man Which hunters who collide and capture the strangest beasts of the beasts on this planet, the Stupid!

Illuvium, the metaverse where the goal is to collect NFTs! With incredible earning odds!

just playing Eluvium It can be an infinitely profitable business. The primary goal is to collect NFTs from century Exists in the metaverse, each with unique abilities and characteristics.

Catching a powerful and rare creature also means having a NFT value Which can be resold at a big profit.

But this world is also inhabited squares Where different players will be able to fight and clash with captured creatures.

In short, one of the strengths of Eluvium and the Play And constant opportunities to earn money from all aspects of the game.

The cryptocurrency Illuvium (ILV) is already on the rise! And the metaverse has yet to be launched…

Like any self-respecting crypto metaverse Eluvium has his own The original cryptocurrency ILValthough market buying will still be supported in ETH.

The purpose of the ILV token, in addition to the game economy, is first of all judgment, Since Illuvium like all Blockchain applications is based on DAO, The mechanism by which holders of the original cryptocurrency have the practical right to vote on future decisions of the platform.

Currently, according to CoinMarketCap, 1ILV = 537 euros.

However, keep in mind that when it comes to native cryptocurrencies belonging to the launched metaverses, coins such as NFTs increase in value upon completion of the various stages of the roadmap. So ILV . icon promises price explosionwhich is already quite high, once the metaverse functionality becomes available to users.

The price of the coin is very high, but you can still buy bits of tokens as it happens with bitcoins. being ERC-20 code, For example, operating on the Ethereum network, ILV cryptocurrency can be purchased on the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform. Uniswap: 0x767fe9edc9e0df98e07454847909b5e959d7ca0e.

Next stop on the roadmap: Lower NFTs from the LANDs of the Illuvium metaverse

As for the roadmap, it is one of the next steps in the project Eluvium there will be Projection of LAND NFTs From the metaverse, i.e. spaces in virtual reality.

When you play or explore virtual reality on the Blockchain, every digital resource that exists is a file Non-Fungible Token (NFT). But if from this point of view Illuvium is a possibility of earning by collecting Illuvial NFTs, the creatures that live on the planet that you will have to capture, then another interesting investment possibility is NFTs in lands, and that is because the first offer always offers a discounted sale price compared to what will be Market value of resources after the metaverse is completed in each aspect.

When will the Illuvium metaverse be released? Look at the roadmap

at the time of Eluvium Only version is available beta test, But participation in the test is private, that is, you will have to register on the site and hope that you will be selected as a tester.

Preview of the metaverse is shown by video Youtube Posted by Illuvium Team:

Anyway, according to the roadmap, the actual launch of metaverse Illuvium Zero is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022, This is the second quarter of this year, so it’s pretty short.

This date must be taken into account especially for Rising prices Which promises to be NFTs for digital assets and ILV native cryptocurrencies.

In the 2023 It is also planned to launch an app in which you can play Illuvium as well smart phone.

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