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Milan, after difficulties in the league and a sharp elimination from the Italian Cup, the fans are in turmoil. The split between pro and anti Pioli, guilty of being a “successful loser”. With a change of ownership, can a coach be on his way to saying goodbye? In-depth evaluation of the work done by technician Emilian

After being eliminated from the Champions League groups, difficulty keeping top of the tournament and elimination from the Coppa Italia, the Rossoneri chant “brawls” on the web. a job Pegs under the magnifying glass. There are those who appreciate the work done by the former technician among others Inter, Bologna, Lazio and Fiorentina. On the other hand, others in the index point out a series of shortcomings, particularly in terms of athletic training and technical and tactical choices. With the imminent change of senior management, the coach’s number will be the subject of discussion on the upper floors of Casa Milan.

The new management may want to start the adventure in football by relying on a high-quality coach e appeal. The current administration has always supported Pioli, in all respects. With the physical presence in training and matches, endorsing his choices in terms of technical management and trying to provide him with players who fit his tactical doctrine.

This contract renewed for one year, with the help of Ibrahimovic and the genesis of the restart

sunflower test from No complete confidence represented by Annual renewal From contract, with extension until 06/30/2023. With the inclusion of another year’s option in the Rossoneri, which would lead to a continuation of the relationship until 2024. On the one hand, a way to pay off Pioli’s work, on the other hand a way to cover up. Renewal was the duty of the manager, who brought the team back to the Champions League after more than seven years of absence.

Access Ibrahimovic He was fundamental to the work of Pioli and the coaching staff: he brought professionalism, a winning mentality and presence on the pitch, scoring important goals. It is no coincidence that the Milan engine began to move at full speed after the Swede’s participation in Milanello. The strange combination between the quiet coach Emilien and the Swedish captain produced important results: first the return to the European League, qualification to the Champions League, the road to the Italian Cup semi-finals and above all the fact that he was there two years ago. , works on the Italian flag. Even in the event of injury, Ibrahimovic’s weight is an important support for the coaching staff, players and fans.

Not all roses are flowers: inconsistencies with some players, ossification of tactical unit and formation choices. “Cons” of the Pioli-Murelli administration.

Applause for the coach’s work comes from insiders, fans and club branches. However, in the button rooms, they identified some flaws in team management in red. The first is related to athletic training: last year he set the record for 77 woundedThe team is now approaching the square of numbers 50. A significant improvement, due to the self-employment of companies, which required the sports staff to have a mandatory relationship with the medical staff. These data carry weight in the overall evaluation of Bewley’s work.

He is not inclined to advice and intervention from above, he is the one who goes his way directly. tenaciously. As the insistence on a tactical unit attests, the 4-2-3-1, now the opponents save him. And this does not seem to be the right choice for the characteristics of many players who have fallen in terms of performance. Many players and the club wanted to change the format, so as not to mention the opponents.

Milan, complex climate


So much so, that the climate in Milanello is not so calm: several players have taken salute from the coach. Among those who struggle with underemployment are those who feel they deserve a different tactical stance and those who accuse Pioli of always relying only on the same players. In different ways, various Bakayoko, Sailemaker, Messias Jr., De Maldini, Bennacer, Gabia, Rebec, Giroud, Diaz and Leo, had to say with Pioli. Maldini Management is doing a great job keeping the locker room compact and they are starting to see management holes.

The j’accuse Among the fans and part of the management is also focused on managing neglected youth. Examples Kalolo And D. Maldini They are clear: the Italian after the La Spezia goal disappeared off the radar, the French went off with injuries to their owners. Also, one wonders if the diversified Nasty, Roebuck, Capone, De Gesu, Stanga They cannot be helpful, with their enthusiasm and technical skills. The question arises: why? Lazetic Yes and spring youth no? In his long career, Pioli has never been a coach forefront Young Gasperini So to speak. Mourinho He was able to throw children Zalewski, POV, Vulpato and others.

Finally, it is not clear to insist on the player at the end of the contract as Casey and author of disheartening presentations and total provision of Bakayokonew from 42 games in Naples And an average score of 6.25. But it is not the only case: false initial formations, the relationship with Rebek to a minimum, Jerrod Who is not the last of the arrivals not put in a position to be a lethal, positioning the honest midfielder Casey to play the attacking midfielder, the mediator always in numerical pain, the attacking flanks forced to back up in midfield and defending with grueling defensive pursuits, the discounted and always regular substitutions between the same players .

While Maldini respects Pioli, he reminded him last week that the available team is important 28 items..when the coach indicated that many elements, according to him, are not enough, the manager of the technical area replied that the national team With you Reached the European semi-finals with Wzaza Giacerini… .. Since then the two sides have distanced themselves verbally significantly.

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