NFT for all tastes! A fictional Metaverse on the Blockchain!

One of the greatest adventures imagination Never made thanks to Blockchain technology is about to enter the scene: Etheric realms.

great game play to earn Where players will explore worlds they never imagined they will have to fight monsters and complete missions, while advancing the game progress they earn Cryptocurrencies and NFT Resources.

Video games based on A Blockchain TechnologyLike Realms of Ethernity, it actually has unique properties that turn into many investment opportunities.

First of all, because the origins of the cartoon are NFT, Which symbol is indicated by one smart contract The property is written on the Blockchain, because the economy in these games is based on digital currencies, With a huge advantage over game tokens since they have a value that can be converted into euros by selling them on exchange platforms.

Another Realms of Ethernity feature and now for all the greats video game Who use Blockchain technology is who they are “Metaverse”, This is real virtual reality.

at Etheric realms It is not just about following the storyline and tackling quests, but it is a giant virtual world that can be explored in all its aspects, where players like the real world can own plots of land in the form of a non-fungible token and carry them out of the chores of daily life, such as attending the galleries e casino.

Ethernity worlds, what are the capabilities of NFT resources for metaverses?

based on metaverses Blockchain Technology It has a unique peculiarity, which is the use of the graphic resource of NFT, and practically every digital object observed in this virtual world is a non-lethal token that users can own, such as avatars and plots.

owning the assets Worlds Ethernity NFT nIt means not only being able to actively participate in the game, but also having a non-rollable token that evolves as the game progresses and increases its value in the market.

NFT asset trading for Blockchain Games In fact, it can be as fun as it is profitable at the same time.

You won’t have just one Etheric realms integrated market Users can exchange NFT game assets, but they can also be bought and sold using the most popular non-breeding token exchange platforms, in order to expand the possibilities in the market.

Ethernity worlds, what are the benefits of owning an NFT land in the metaverse?

Special and inflated potential to invest in cipher metaverses Like Realms of Ethernity, it is always served by a certain type of resource NFT They are plots of land.

In fact, in the metaverse every user can buy one part of space Place of construction and modification.

The drop of the metaverse occurs before it is cast. So the first price is always lower than what the market value will be right after launch Profitable prospects If you want to trade with NFT.

with regard to Etheric realms The possibilities of making a good investment are still open because we are still waiting for the first drop of land.

Watch out for Realms of Ethernity (RETH) cryptocurrency exploding after the launch of the metaverse

Another privacy of applications running on Blockchain such as i Metaverse is that they depend on an economy based on digital currencies, Ie on other applications running on the same network.

In order to function as an independent ecosystem, each metaverse usually has its own native cryptocurrency and in these Ethernity realms is no exception with its own. heir.

The launch of new cryptocurrencies follows a model NFT land. That is, in order to raise funds for the development of the project, the original cryptocurrency is offered for pre-sale at a reduced price to the first buyers.

This strategy has a dual purpose: on the one hand, to raise funding for start for the implementation of the project; On the other hand, to provide early investors with greater risk and greater return as well.

Specifically from metaverses like Realms of Ethernity, when the actual platform launches next NFT and Cryptocurrency Subject to a net increase in value.

Currently in the native cryptocurrency of Metaverse Etheric realms (RETH), It will be available in April for purchase on the IDO launch platform as Engine Starterin the currency that will cost at this point 1 RETH = $0.030.

RETH Cryptocurrency and Governance Benefits for Those Who Own It

there Cryptocurrency RETH It will be the one on which the metaverse economy of the Ethernity world will depend and which can be used for NFT . Market and for all other transactions.

But another feature of crypto-categories that Eternity Realms adheres to is decentralization (DAO), Everyone who owns the cryptocurrency exercises what is called governance on the platform.

games like Etheric realms In fact, they belong to users who invest in it by buying NFT resources and cryptocurrencies, who are directly questioned by voting on the future developments of the gaming platform.

the games Blockchain In fact, they have the menu property apart from their developers, because ownership is part of the users they play with.

The potential of Ethernity worlds from NFTs to cryptocurrencies

Self Etheric realms It offers an endless amount of earning opportunities thanks to cryptocurrencies and NFT resources, however, it also offers respectable gameplay.

It really is open world With thousands of things to do, from betting in the casino to auction houses, to fights and quests.

Each progression in the game provides the opportunity to accumulate cryptocurrency or get resources NFTs are unique and valuable.

After death, characters still have a chance to roam as ghosts until they meet a wizard who brings them back to life.

Once again, players will be able to gather into clans and declare war on each other. So we are very far from mini games Blockchain We are now used to like metaversi Etheric realms They are able to reproduce the textures of a complex game play along with the benefits of a world of NFT assets and cryptocurrencies with endless earning possibilities.

Waiting for Realms Of Ethernity to finally be available to everyone, we leave you one experimental The game published on the channel Youtube official:

What is the best time to invest in metaverse by buying NFT assets?

As we said, the launch of the immortal realms is approaching, who is considering investing in the metaverse by purchasing resources NFT or original cryptocurrency It is good to approach the project now because this is the most favorable time, i.e. when costs are still low Prices haven’t exploded yet.

In fact, at this point, if it is true that there are greater risks that you are not sure of project success, It is also true that low-cost resources do not require risk or large initial capital investment.

In contrast to already established projects, NFT costs for plots start from thousands of dollars Per unit.

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