Renewable energy, running, wine science, the passions of a Bartana entrepreneur

What is the passion of Partanna Entrepreneur Roberto Ingoglia, an entrepreneur with noble ideals, a true example for the new generations.

Talk about Benedetto Roberto Ingoglia continues, even now that he has handed the wand to Sergio Grifoni and is thus no longer the head of Energy Italy Spa. A businessman originally from Bartana in the province of Trapani He has proven his worth on several occasions, not only as a businessman but also as a gentleman. So it is not at all surprising that recently it has also been talked about on additional professional issues, because they all agree on this Benedetto Roberto Angolia is a great man and a true example for the new generations.

But what are the great sentiments of the Partanna entrepreneur? Definitely one for Renewable energyWhich marked his career and led him to achieve success after another in the professional field. in order to wine science Therefore, she was born when she was still young and helped her parents in their small cultivated plot of land in Partana. However, another, more recent passion of Roberto Ingolia is that ManagementWhich led him to the Milan Marathon.

Roberto Ingoglia and passion for renewable energies

there Passion for renewable energies Generally speaking for the big challenges of sustainability I was born in Benedetto Roberto Ingoglia for several years now. We can say that it is thanks to his interest in these new technologies that the entrepreneur from Bartana came to achieve one success after another in the professional field. In fact, when Roberto Angolia chose it Found Energy Italy SpaThere was still very little talk of wind and photovoltaics in Italy. Renewable energy was a sector yet to be explored, however, the entrepreneur from Bartana was able to glimpse huge potential right from the start.

Roberto Angolia, by setting out on a challenge like the one that led him to found Energy Italy Spa, has shown, Knowing how to look to the future and being able to look to the future. In hindsight, his passion for sustainability and renewable energy has proven to be a real asset up his sleeve. With great determination and undeniable entrepreneurial skills, Roberto Ingoglia has been able to grow A company that is today a leader in this sector This continues to collect visits.

However, the businessman from Bartana, who recently announced that he wants to, does not want to stop here Spreading a culture of sustainability also in schools. Target? Making young people grow aware of how important it is, today more than ever, to make sustainable choices to protect the environment and the future of the planet.

Roberto Ingoglia’s passion for wine

Another great passion for Roberto Ingolia? Certainly the wine, who was born when he was still a young age and the family owned a small plot of land planted with vineyards. The frame was that Partanna, in the province of Trapani: a country with which the entrepreneur still has deep ties to this day And where he also brought a branch of Energy Italy.

Roberto Ingoglia approached the world of wine immediately after his graduation, when he first entered the world of work and began marketing agricultural products. Thanks to some of the events you organized Chamber of Commerce in TrapanI have had the opportunity to travel to European capitals, Canada and the United States thus enriching their knowledge in the field of oenology. Roberto Ingoglia was able on those occasions to sample Italian and international brands, and in those years he discovered the huge potential of Sicilian wine.

today, The Bartana businessman keeps more than 800 luxury bottles in his basement He thus continues to carry on a lifetime’s passion for local and non-local excellence.

Running: Roberto Ingoglia’s new passion

Running is a newly born passion. In fact, Entrepreneur Partanna came close to running in 2019, during a training session in Monte Carlo. In this context, a speaker stressed the importance of physical activity and sport for entrepreneurs and Roberto Ingoglia had a kind of enlightenment. Join immediatelyAmateur Sports Federation born tired of his Partanna Along with his other teammates, he took part in the Milan Marathon on 3 April. That’s not all, because Roberto Ingoglia, on the occasion Milan Marathon He showed not only his passion for running but also that he had some indifferent qualities. As reported by Gazzetta dello Sport and other newspapers, the Partanna entrepreneur has Get an excellent result It ranked 3,617 out of 18,000 participants. All this with a preparation period of less than 40 days.

The following goals are certainly no less ambitious: Roberto Angolia has in fact declared that he wants to participate in marathons in major European capitals and in the famous marathon. New York Marathon. A dream that we are sure will come true and that has been forced back at the moment by the pandemic and the restrictions imposed in recent years.

So the well-known businessman from Bartana proves to be a very experienced man. We are used to knowing him because of him Great value on a professional level And for the excellent results he achieved with his Energy Italy team, but Roberto Angolia is not only that. He is a man of deep values, Guided by morals and ethical principles It should be taken as an example by the new generations. He is a big fan of Italian and Sicilian wine excellence, but he is also an athlete, though not of a boy’s age, he shows that With determination and will, there are no impossible challenges.

The talk goes on about Roberto Ingoglia and it must be admitted that he deserves the space that the various newspapers give him because there must be more entrepreneurs like him in Italy.

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