Simone Inzaghi has had a very positive impact on the Inter world. After quite a few criticisms, it also appears that empathy for the public has been rediscovered.

source: Gazeta

17 steps. They are the ones who brought Lautaro M.ARTENZ To be able to throw the ball into the net, with a deadly right-footed shot, the ball is sent by Mathieu Darmian against 1-0 Inter in the derby.

As points out, this action is a perfect statement of Simon’s football idea irritable: a quick technical game, consisting of many first touches and above all a lot of movement, a decidedly innovative proposal on the Italian scene and pleasing to the eyes of the Inter San Siro fan.

And so, along with the results that came back, it looks like the spark has started again between the Nerazzurri coach and his fans, complete with a dedicated chorus during last night’s derby. The technician thanked the curve before continuing to constantly give directions to his team.

However, football in Inzaghi consists not only of a good game, but also of empowering individuals and trying to enhance the talent of the aforementioned, making it part of a perfect mechanism that relies on everyone equally.

Speaking of singles, Lautaro’s performance against Milan It certainly did not go unnoticed. For the Argentine, two goals arrived and many interesting plays in addition to one goal partnership with joaquin Korea Which seems to work great on and off the field.

If it is true that the verdicts will be issued at the end of the season, it is also necessary to recognize the results that Inzaghi has already achieved at the helm of the Nerazzurri: after eliminating the Rossoneri cousins ​​in last night’s match, the coach brought Inter back to the final Italian Cup 11 years later, and this milestone is reached after goals such as winning Super Cup (It’s even been missing for 12 years) and costs Champions (Inter haven’t played them for 10).

As mentioned, to give a final verdict for Inzaghi’s first year on the bench, it will be necessary to wait for the conclusion of the matches, but we can start by saying that the first results have already arrived, and everything was accompanied by an expression. From the play, near San Siro, it hasn’t been seen in years.