The best cryptocurrency to buy now and hold for the next decade

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency to invest in for the long term, look no further than Bitcoin. BTC remains the most valuable crypto asset by a large margin. These are the reasons why Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency to buy now and hold for the next decade.

Institutional investors are increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin ranks as the most popular digital asset.

There are those who may be skeptical about cryptocurrencies, but no one can deny that in recent years it has been the asset that has scored better performance. Without talking about the amazing results of some cryptocurrency tokens like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, which are very volatile, the “safer” (and not so secure) solution is to refer to Bitcoin, which is more stable and appreciated by investors. and institutional.

The Bitcoin Predictions They are all bullish, it is only necessary to agree on a target price that can be achieved in the near future. In my opinion, this digital asset It can produce 10 times higher returns in the coming years. But let’s go in order.

Buy cryptocurrency for only 50 euros

The world of finance didn’t hold back when Bitcoin (BTC) debuted in 2009. Each coin was essentially worthless and its price didn’t break the $1 barrier until 2011. Even then, few people saw Bitcoin for what it was: A spark that could ignite a multi-billion dollar industry.

today, The cryptocurrency market is worth more than $2 trillion, which represents 1,000% growth in the past two years alone. Industry-wide earnings are almost unheard of, but the cryptocurrency market is still equal to a fraction of the $125 trillion global stock market. In other words, if cryptocurrencies are a disruptive force that many now believe they are, there is still a lot of money to be made, and Bitcoin seems like a smart investment. here because.

permanent competitive advantage

Bitcoin was the first and most widely adopted cryptocurrency today. It is built on blockchain technology, a distributed storage system that tracks transaction data and prevents fraud without the help of traditional financial institutions. This makes Bitcoin a type of digital money, which means that consumers can use it to transact directly with merchants, eliminating the need for banks and credit cards.

even more important, Bitcoin is a limited asset. Its source code limits its supply of 21 million tokens. And since the offer is limited, its purchasing power In theory it should increase over timeWhich means that Bitcoin is deflationary in nature. In fact, a recent article in Bloomberg notes that while the US Consumer Price Index has risen by 28% over the past decade, the value of Bitcoin has fallen by 99.996%. In other words, While the value of the US dollar was less than 10 years ago, bitcoin is more valuable today.

Bitcoin’s first mover status and limited supply made them Most Popular Cryptocurrency By a large margin. In fact, with a current market capitalization of $785 billion, Bitcoin represents 41% of the value of the entire cryptocurrency market. Even better, investors have good reason to believe that demand will continue to grow, driving its price up.

A multi-billion dollar catalyst

Retailers were the first to adopt cryptocurrencies, but the market is now large enough to support institutional adoption. In fact, a recent Fidelity survey indicates that 52% of institutional investors already own digital assets, but nearly 90% find digital assets attractive. Moreover, 37% of this group already owns Bitcoin, either in their own wallet or in the client’s wallet, making it the most popular crypto asset among institutions.

Most importantly, 71% of respondents plan to purchase digital assets in the future, stressing thatCryptocurrency adoption is increasing. This bodes well for the industry as a whole, especially popular assets like Bitcoin.

Invest in cryptocurrency with a regulated broker

Institutional investors currently own more than $100 trillion in assets under management, according to Bloomberg, and a small portion of that total could weigh on the cryptocurrency market. For example, Cathy Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, believes that if institutional investors allocate only 5% of their funds to Bitcoin, its price will reach $500,000 per token. Even better, Wood believes that this could happen by 2026. If this scenario were to occur, it would mean more than ten times the gains for investors (based on the current price of $40,000 per token).

Even if it doesn’t, Bitcoin still has a permanent competitive advantage and institutional adoption should catalyze a massive price hike. That’s why this cryptocurrency looks like A smart long-term investment.

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Invest with expert help

Are you experienced enough to trade cryptocurrency? If you are not, but still want to take advantage of the market trend, you can delegate your place to someone else. on the trading platform eToro You can use the function copy trading, a service that allows you to choose an expert trader and automatically copy every move he makes. Find the best investors, click on a copy and let them try to make a profit for you too.

How to invest in CFDs for Cryptocurrency

to Investing in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc…) There are more possibilities, but surely the simplest is through Trade CFDs on Cryptocurrencies.

Among the advantages of cryptocurrency trading through CFDs is the ability to trade 24 hours a day, even on weekends. Also with CFDs it is possible to “bet” Both upside down and downsideThus, the possibility of making a profit (or loss) during the stages of rise and fall.

Moreover, CFDs on cryptocurrencies are reliable Leverage 1: 2 for retail investors. This means that by investing 1,000 euros, the position in the market will be doubled, 2,000 euros. Leverage has the advantage of doubling your profits but exposes you to greater risk if prices go in the opposite direction to your chosen one.

Where to invest in cryptocurrency using CFDs

Investing in cryptocurrencies is one of the favorite activities of many people who want to ride the enthusiastic rise of digital currencies. Thanks to CFDs, anyone can easily access the financial markets and buy cryptocurrencies (or other types of assets such as stocks, currencies, commodities, etc…), even with a small starting capital.

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