The man with no idea meets the world of CO₂-free NFTs, Bosco Spaggiari and those willing to decarbonize their ideas

What happens when ‘Platform Open Source’ in San Francisco meets ‘Posco Open Source’ in San Prospero?

“Between a house and a tree I choose a tree.”
These are the words Giancarlo Spaggiari, Roberto’s father and both “fathers” of twenty thousand trees Which mother nature gave her life and who gave her home.
In their land, next to the Via Emilia, in San Prospero, 7 kilometers from the center of Parma, In a wood that bears their name, Bosco Spaggiari.

Giancarlo is an old farmer from Parma, eighty-nine years old A deep love for trees, which he had since childhood and passed on to Roberto Which made the culture of the land, jurisprudence and antiquities converge on their land Bearing in mind the heritage of the Italian countryside and the Emilian countryside, Their décor is more aesthetic and spiritual than eco décor. So when in 2004 “Gentlemen of Emilian Cement” appeared at the door with an indispensable show, Roberto and Giancarlo had an unimaginable idea. That they forfeit the gains from the sale of their land, freeing it forever from a potential building point, and turning it into a forest created with their resources, on their own but unfenced property, and leaving it open to the community and a free and free passage. Unique in Italy.

No tolls, ticket to visit, permission to park. “Trees are the strongest and most fragile creatures on the planet.” Roberto Spaggiari says: In the invisible and tireless work of photosynthesis, trees They breathe in “our” carbon and in return give us back our oxygen. All time.
Whether they are in the great forests far away on this planet or in the nearby urban forests. Not only.
Their contribution to the comparison of “climate change” and energy savings is science. Their support for natural and social ecosystems is expertise. The communities of San Prospero and everyone, without distinction, meet and coexist freely in Bosco Spaggiari. No being, not even the strongest, can escape the need for love. Roberto and Giancarlo will continue to take care of the young and large Bosco Spaggiari trees. They care about us and support us all. We are free to share and reciprocate.

San Prospero Convention

The. Before you can be loved, the tree must be seen.
Secondly. Always think of the Earth as an object, never as a place.
Third. Earth’s memory is vital, it reminds us of life, of things past,
And that they can come back.

Fourthly. The best way to protect the past is to plant a tree.
Fifth. It can be assumed that one of the keys to achieving peace is rapprochement
from Earth.

you. Avoid getting caught up in your indulgence when you see who’s hitting the floor.
vii. Consider the degree of harmony that Italian landscapes have long lavished.
viii. The tree often speaks by spreading its essence through a thousand hieroglyphs
Everyone knows how to disassemble it.

ix. If you see a child falling near a tree, let him do it.

“Blockchain is a tool. It is a technique that can be used in many ways. for me it is It is important when using technology to do so in a very purposeful manner. Moreover, technology evolves over time. Starting with Bitcoin It’s been a while Presentation of the concept of blockchain technology Being the first blockchain protocol.
The digital currency came as a surprise to me. My background is financial but I am also a digital kid who grew up with the internet. Seeing the intersection was exciting. He put power back into the hands of the people. It has eliminated the need for a bank or financial intermediaries to control your assets. It was amazing.
Digitization is a huge topic, It increasingly dominates our lives. Digital currency is its logical evolution. Bitcoin comes with some Disadvantages such as a huge “carbon footprint”. In the early years, when I wasn’t aware of the alternatives, it didn’t bother me at all, it wasn’t obvious.

But then it came Ethereum, as a programmable blockchain. For me this was a revelation because suddenly all these possibilities were added. It is not just a digital currency. It is a programmable and decentralized currency This led to the emergence of a “universal computer” vision. Which opens up new possibilities. I read a study presented by Vitalik Buterin Proof of Stake idea.
As an alternative to proof of work It is the concept on which Bitcoin is based. Security in Bitcoin comes from the massive amount of energy used to ensure it.
With proof of stake, an amount is deposited that can achieve the same result. There is a kind of technological development by which the same result can be achieved. With Very small or close to a carbon footprint. I think it’s a logical step to use a new, better technology. For example, provided by the Proof of Stake-based NEAR protocol.
But for people, it’s not really clear what the difference is or what the efficiency factor is.

People consider all blockchain technologies to be the same.
They believe that it is very polluting, and therefore harmful to the environment.
But it does not correspond to the truth. The NEAR protocol has a factor Energy efficiency of at least a million times, if not more, higher, Because it depends on the Proof of Stake protocol. I had the idea of ​​contacting the Antarctic Department. It is the largest provider of carbon footprint offsetting. To perform an evaluation of the NEAR protocol. How much pollution, what needs to be done to improve it and offset the “carbon footprint”.
The result was surprising. There was little that could be improved Because Proof of Stake is more efficient than Proof of Work. In addition to, It’s easy to offset your carbon footprint. So we hired Antarctica to do that by planting trees. We selected three projects that plant trees to capture atmospheric CO2 equivalent to that emitted by the NEAR protocol. In this way, we made the NEAR protocol “carbon neutral” and obtained an officially recognized certification.
I think the Bosco Spaggiari project is a very attractive example of dialogue with the local community. Where people think more about nature.”
Y. Schiegg. A “carbon neutral” amine for the NEAR protocol.

“The concept of the right of way led me to create a forest near the city. Planted on my own property, with my resources, not fenced, and left open to free passage. The right to roam freely It was incorporated into the Swedish constitution. Indeed, the Scandinavian countries recognize the right to land but consider it important to promote access to nature for environmental reasons associated with a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, owners of gardens, private parks or uncultivated land do not have the right to enclose it. With more resources, Wood can grow adding 13,000 new trees. Bosco Spaggiari is a “code of conduct” that everyone can use for free, and anyone can reproduce it.
in this meaning, Bosco Spaggiari is “Open Source Bosco”. R. spaghetti

“If you think about how money was made in the past, you meet gold.
The world is polluted by mineral extraction. It is necessary to melt tons and tons of rocks that consume a lot of energy and pollute the environment.
In this way money is generated. With Bitcoin we have a very similar approach.
Energy is consumed to prove money-making viability.
Wouldn’t it be smarter if creating money was just the opposite? How to capture CO₂, Or do something good, plant trees.
And therefore , A non-fungible code has been released which certifies a contribution to society. Its money can be used, for example, in planting trees. Significantly different approach to value creation. That’s why I love the Bosco Spaggiari project. Trying to create NFTs del Bosco is a different approach, still experimental but very interesting. It opens up new ideas about big issues. It can be changed like making money going in the wrong direction. at An engaging new way to save the world. to help humanity.
San Francisco called to San Prospero (Parma) and They will integrate into this new idea. In this consensus to make the world a better place. and this is Thought can be formulated as a non-fungible symbol. And the community can welcome these symbols, participate in them, raise funds, and plant new trees in the forest.” Y. Schiegg

The value in supporting the community was demonstrated at the San Prospero Convention. A decentralized natural protocol for everyday business, designed to contribute to the prosperity only possible, in symbiosis with trees and their associated ecosystems. Having and sharing the NFT of the San Prospero Convention is a “symbol” to express your acceptance of the agreement, and to inspire others to plant trees and timber, in other cities, in Italy and beyond.” R. spaghetti

Capturing a thought as an inborn symbol, binds it. At the same time, placing it in the digital dimension opens a new imagination and unleashes ideas. It’s incredible that even if it’s digitally restricted, it springs into our minds.” Y. Schiegg

To join your support and to receive a FREE NFT CO₂ for the San Prospero Convention, please contact Bosco Spaggiari or The man who has no idea.

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