The south is a supplier of renewable energy

The South can be re-launched through Energy production and passage Produced from renewable sources. This was stated by Massimo Dendris, Director General of the Center for SRM Studies of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, at the symposium “The Role of the South in Italian and European Energy Security”, held in Naples on April 4, 2022. Already today, southerners produce the bulk of these energies (52.3 % of the national share of wind, solar and bioenergy) and will soon become one of the main European hydrogen hubs, as a link between Europe and the southern Mediterranean in the energy transition.

Despite these numbers, Srm explains, Italy is among the European countries most dependent on foreign countries for energy needs (77%), against the EU 28 average of 58%, while France is the least exposed among the major countries (48%). “The energy transition will therefore move us from the production mix of the past (oil, coal, gas) to the production mix of the future (gas, hydrogen, electricity), bearing in mind that energy efficiency and costs associated with each commodity affect both equity, both on environmental sustainability,” Cento Studi confirms.

In addition to its energy production from renewable sources, “Europe will have to rely on them Energy cooperation between the northern, southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean basin, Three macro regions with very different socio-economic and energy characteristics and can integrate well with each other. Northern Europe has a high level of development and a high consumption and dependence of energy, while the southern Mediterranean has a large availability of fossil reserves and renewable energies with a relatively low level of development and social welfare. On the other hand, the eastern Mediterranean shore has an average socio-economic status between north and south, availability of concentrated fossil reserves in some countries, and good potential for renewable energy sources.”

expected in Europe Install at least 6 GW of hydrogen electrolyzer by 2024 and 40 gigawatts by 2030. In this context, Srm adds, “The hydrogen value chain could be an important business opportunity for the Mediterranean region, thanks to the high potential of renewables. North Africa and the Middle East are the two regions with with the highest potential for hydrogen, in particular Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.”

As for the Renewable Energy Production, the south has a great heritage: regions with abundant geothermal resources (Campania and Sicily) the south also accounts for 91% of the Earth’s gas production. “Promoting renewable energy production in the south means making southern Italy one of the main European hydrogen hubs, and an energy bridge in the Mediterranean thanks to its geographical location that places it in the heart of the Persians. The south, in fact, represents the ideal gateway for new energy flows from North Africa to Europe With its ports, access point to various pipelines and close to energy-intensive industries and refineries.

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