This is how the mountain rescue technician died

VAJONT – Accidental fall. Yesterday morning, April 19, the coroner Lucio Bombin performed an external examination on the body of Andrea Dal Vara, Alpine Rescue Technician From Maniago Station, He died at 45 slipping off the road on Easter Monday afternoon, While he was walking in Val Tramontina. At the end of investigations that confirmed the compatibility of the injuries with an accidental fall from a height of about three meters at the point where the Medona stream enters Lake Redona, the Deputy Prosecutor General Monica Carratoro granted permission for the suit, which will be celebrated on the afternoon of Saturday 23 April in the Vagonet Parish Church, The victim’s hometown.

All day yesterday, Cnsas Station in Maniago was filled with phone calls and messages of condolence from technicians and volunteers from all over Italy. And Andrea Dal Vara and Comrade Claudia Colidani, From Castelnovo del Friuli, he was well known throughout the peninsula Passion for dogs and molecular dogs In particular, they conducted the most delicate operations. To bid farewell to the volunteer, it was announced the arrival of delegations of Alpine rescues from all over Friuli-Venezia Giulia (including speleologists) and from Veneto, also for the ongoing cooperation that is recorded on the occasion of the rescue operations taking place along the territorial borders. There will also be a national delegate from CNSAS to bear witness to the love and closeness of the Corps’ senior commanders, who have been so deeply affected by this tragedy.

Always on the first line
All mates will attend the funeral in uniform, the same outfit that Dal Farra wore with great pride, and always respond to the first present when the alert came from Sores of Palmanova to bring aid to persons missing or injured in the mountains. At any time of the day or night. Just as it happened also on Easter Day, when Andrea, Claudia and all the other Manyago volunteers were mobilized for the paragliding accident in Medono, which was then resolved thanks to the direct intervention of the medical helicopter along the slopes of Mount Valini.

In the half-century of activism, two accidents in the mountains have directly hit the Manyago volunteer station. It was June 12, 2012, nearly ten years ago, when 60-year-old Mario Bruna passed away. The accident occurred in the Valcolvera Rock Lounge area. Bruna and her climbing partner fell from a height of twenty meters while practicing on the rock face. There was nothing for the Cnsas technician to do. Even in this circumstance, the thorny task of recovering the body was carried out by the same volunteers at the station, whose safety the victim endangered dozens of times, to provide assistance to those in difficulty.

Mountain United in pain
Other communities also mourn the death of Andrea Dal Vara: they are the inhabitants of Fajunt, and the community in which he worked, Medono, being appreciated An employee of the company Roncadin, where he worked as a warehouse keeper. The friends and administrators of Val Tramontina also expressed their great condolences, where the tragedy occurred and where the man was valued for his commitment to the local hunting reserve, where hunting was his passion, as well as for the dogs and for being served as a savior in the community in which he lives. Needless to say, even in his passion for hunting he was distinguished by his concern for the environment: he was always among the first to take an interest in the area as he built a roof terrace and made himself available for animal censuses to enhance the protection of the animals.

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