Turkey invests millions in Metaverse | The Ministry of Education…

lack of imagination turkey As a country striving to progress, even at a faster pace than Europe, in a world web 3. But what appeared from Metaverse ForumWhich has seen the participation of high-ranking politicians from the country, leaves little escape for the imagination. Or rather, it leaves a lot of it.

With the participation of the President of the Republic, the highest political authority in the country Recep Tayyip ErdoganThe forum It was a spectacle of many interesting ideas, especially regarding the world, as can be predicted from the name, from metaverse.

The Turkish government is ready to invest 19 million dollars

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19 million for the Metaverse: What is Turkey thinking?

The Turkish software industry is relatively young and has long competed with the best companies in it Europe. An industry that has been supported over time on several occasions by investing in rain General in nature, always or almost always on technologies in progress and not of immediate economic return.

This will also be the case for recently announced investments, roughly 19 million dollarsin the sector, along with Ankara Chamber of Commerce. Participating, as we saw at the beginning of our in-depth study, also of President of the Republic.

There will be no prosperity, there will be no peace without the production of technologies also in our country, in terms of content and software. We cannot look to the future with confidence if we remain dependent on other countries for these kinds of channels.

A message that many may have correctly interpreted in the national sense, but which also hides interest on the part of public authority so that digitization makes metaverse It is one of the state’s priorities. With jumping there in the first place The Ministry of Educationwith the dystopian who will be the first to venture.

There will be gods shareware of an educational nature and attendance effective authorities in the digital sphere. We may repeat what we saw Barbados and their embassy in Decentraland?

It’s hard to say right now, given that the audience’s reaction has been very strong and negative, while turkey He is heading towards an election round next year that may be historic. Hashtag #EğitimdeMetaverseHAYIR, that’s it No to Metaverse in Education Heading a few hours ago in turkeywith occasional unflattering motives.

In Turkey, cryptocurrency will be a major topic for the upcoming elections

with the Turkish lira Which has been one of the worst currencies globally in recent months, Turkish citizens Seek comfort in bitcoin and cryptocurrencywith the country being one of the most globally active in this market.

Something predictable, though Attitude from government Ankara It wasn’t clear about that. But good money has always chased away bad money. and case Paper currency And their failure, and their inability to provide for themselves was ever made precisely clearer than parts sublime door.

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