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Naples – This morning, at the headquarters of Consorzio Tutela Mozzarella di Bufala DOP, the press conference of Fiera Agricola, the international fair dedicated to agriculture and the whole sector, took place at the A1Expò Caserta Exhibition Center from 22-25 April

Now in its fifteenth edition, Fiera Agricola maintains the original aim that runs through its roots and identity and thus enhances the territory and its characteristics that make Campania the first region in Italy with a heritage of more than 500 traditional agro-food products. A unique and original food and wine heritage of diversity and prestige, recognized since antiquity, when the Greeks and Romans considered wine and olive oil from Campania Felix the best in quality. A land rich in culture and tradition, with a temperate climate and fertile soil that still offers unique products today.

Among the traditions of the past twenty years, the Fiera Agricola has been placed in a position of great interest encompassing the four thematic areas that form the pillars of the event and which refer to machinery, animal husbandry, renewable energy and gastronomy, with particular interest in the buffalo sector and its derivative products which are found in white gold and thus in cheese Mozzarella is the main attraction.

A tradition, then, that develops through technology and environmental transformation that definitively characterizes the processes of development and innovation and arises with a deep respect for the environment and all that is inherent in its protection.

Thanks to the sponsoring institutions, the event assumes a first-class cultural value that necessarily passes during the moments of great educational impact of seminars and conferences organized by federations, universities, associations and institutions.

But the success of Fiera Agricola lies in the perseverance and consistency of the organization that has always been involved in the territory in order to promote dialogue between institutions, associations, local authorities, farmers and breeders.

A candidate embodied in the exhibition, between the wonders of research and science, the avant-garde and the protection of the privilege of our beloved land.

The consortium hosts, Ettore Pelle, Vice President and Director Pier Maria Sacani opened the proceedings at the press conference.

“We are honored to host once again the press conference to present Fiera Agricola – and they confirm – and above all launch a message of synergy at such a very moment. A historic moment of great effort for companies that have suffered from the repercussions of two years of epidemic and conflict in Ukraine and which from an economic point of view displays competitiveness Our companies are at risk, which is experiencing the increase in costs that have occurred in these recent months.However, our region is a land with a strong agricultural orientation.Despite the difficulties, the supply chain is resisting and I am sure that the inputs of great importance will come from Fiera Agricola .”.

Antimo Catorano, President of the A1Expò Exhibition Centre, stated, “In 15 editions, a path has been built that has given us a well-defined regional position. A location that starts from region and tradition, but looks to the future, innovation, evolution and respect for the environment. Being here is choosing a field and the aim of this edition is to rediscover The enthusiasm that always marked the eve of this fair. Thank you to all the institutions that supported Which allowed the formulation of such an important and broad programme. This is a tangible sign that when there is union, together and held together, we win.”

For Coldiretti, Giuseppe Messilli enters:

We resume what we boycotted two years ago. If we are here today, we have to thank Antimo Caturano who, with his courage and perseverance, has brought to the Province of Caserta an exhibition that defines the belonging and identity of a territory that continues to be distinguished by unique privileges ranging from promotion and protection thanks to the entrepreneurial and corporate realities of the sector that manage to amaze every day. The agricultural sector will witness an extraordinary development in the coming months. At the exhibition we organized some conferences, among which we will talk about the tools to combat unfair practices and minimal costs that guarantee profitability and additional quality of the sector. Then we will talk about renewable energies and the need for them in a historical period that saw energy costs rise by about 40%.”

“Fiera Agricola is a pioneer for the South Central – says Davide Minicozzi, President of AACM – Campania and Molise Breeders Association – and that is why it must be valued and protected. During the exhibition we will present a global preview of the Casertana pig with production specifications that ensure authenticity is determined. We as a body have an ethical and institutional commitment to support development and protection operations.

Among those present was the engineer. Marco Cicala, Mayor of San Marco Evangelista who said he was proud to be on the grounds of the A1Expò exhibition center and in particular the agricultural fair that “reflects the agricultural profession of our city”.

Professor Giovanna Battipaglia of the Department of Biosciences, Biological and Environmental Pharmaceuticals at the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Caserta spoke at the press conference this morning:

“We have a mission to train the farmers and ranchers of tomorrow. That is why it is our duty to take advantage of the opportunities that come through events like the agricultural fair. We make our skills available for the event so that our product is appreciated more and more.”

The interventions of Giuseppe Demore were also significant – President Casartigiani Caserta, Gabriel De Volo – Vice President ANASB, Teresa Scalabrese – Uella Copagri.

The agricultural fair program is available on the website www.fieraagricola.org and on the facebook page of the agricultural fair

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