World’s First Auction of Leonardo’s Hologram (and Nft)

A crystal box 72 cm wide and very high, ready to reproduce a three-dimensional image consisting of 671 million pixels, a definition that tends to extend to infinity. A special hologram, unique at the moment: “Portrait of a Strain”, a work by Leonardo Da Vinci She is also known as the “Beautiful Princess”.

On April 21, the display case will be auctioned alongside Nft (short for “non-fungible token”, in Italian “digital holdings”) which will guarantee the winner digital rights to Leonardo’s work.

The value of the painting is approx 250 million dollarswhile the auction base for its digital reproduction, which will take place at MakerPlace, will start at $100,000.

Making the intangible NFT tangible

“The idea is to combine the value of the NFT with the value of a high-definition hologram that adds a true-to-life visualization of the purchased board,” explains Italian Tech Andra Prince, CEO and co-founder of The Holoverse, the company that supplied the case that will reproduce the hologram of the painting. .

Boomers and naft

by Ricardo Luna

“We had the exclusive rights to embody Da Vinci’s work from its owner. Now we’ve noticed the art market.” and the For the first time in history a 3D painting of Leonardo was created. Those who buy it will get a high-resolution image, which can be seen from any device as well as on the display case, which is in daylight and depicts the image of the board at any time. It’s a bit like having the original in your living room,” continues Prince, who is originally from Padua but in the States for years.

Far from being new to this kind of technology, in 2018 he reproduced a hologram of Mina on the Sanremo stage, then repeated what he said and presented Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury “live”. But at the meeting of holograms and digital collectibles, he now identified a promising niche in the market: he, preferring to talk about Hnft, or the immutable Hologram symbol, started from a hunch: “There are works of art that they cannot buy. This technology allows you to own a work of art, an original digital copyEven if the NFT is on the Ethereum blockchain as in the case of the “Beautiful Princess.” But we know that we also live in a real world, made up of usable goods. Our technology allows you to enjoy a masterpiece while owning the original digital.”

Italian patent

Therefore, the hologram wants to transform the intangible into the tangible. Combine the value of a digital certificate with the value of a true reproduction of a work: NFT of a work of art, and a display case that reproduces its hologram. “It’s an Italian patent, it’s our patent. It’s Italian like Da Vinci and what we want to do is Give real value perception What we have been able to produce over the centuries in Italy,” adds Prince, who founded his company with another Italian, Leonardo Terzuli.

To me, NFTs are an irrational bubble

by Andrea Monti

A technology that has convinced the employer at the moment, but it could give a huge boost to the NFT market. He concludes, “Our task is to bridge the gap that centuries have inevitably created between artistic and digital Renaissance work: a kind of digital reinstatement.” There is a whole world of art that can be coded. Italy is a big part of it.

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