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With the advancement of technology, the virtual worlds created for video games are becoming increasingly realistic and interconnected. And in a self-respecting emulation of reality, the concept of “ownership” cannot be missing, and also to better characterize the digital avatar and more unique, as well as to give more credibility to the world.

In most MMOs (and also in many single-players, via DLC), . is used Virtual items that can be purchased through microtransactions With real currency, such as skins, special weapons and selected content. However, these elements are rarely associated with the concept of “sole proprietorship”. At most they can be in limited editionIt is only offered on the first day or linked to a specific occasion or event before it becomes unavailable.

Despite this, it is clear that those who want to spend real money for purely digital content within a video game, such as skins or special weapons, also do all this and above all for will displayto Desire to diversify Similar to what pays to buy real collectible items, such as a rare plate or stamp.

Elements that have recently seen the “digitalization of property” through them NFT (non-fungible symbols) e blockchain. This sparked interest video game development houses (of between it Ubisoft) towards the inclusion of “unique” digital contents within its software that individually confer ownership (or rather claim the right of exclusive digital ownership) through the above-mentioned tools.

Attend the NFT to assign Ownership of digital assets within a video gameHowever, it stimulates imagination and the possibility of creating new scenarios. Not only for producers and developers, but Also for players.


NFTs as a “video game digital title certificate”

since NFT Designed to give exclusive “ownership access” to a digital asset, but it can be transferred, fed into a series of virtual assets associated with a video game, game franchise or even just a digital store for developers, opening the way for New possibilities for exchanging these goods between players (against other currencies, physical or digital).

This will happen like never before, even if you play like the war from digital endings and some addresses Microsoft or electronic arts Try to do something similar.

By allowing players Exchange in-game items for real money for real money A real virtual market is created as an alternative to the real market. Almost all of this without going through the game manager, but somehow perfectly legal (Contrary to what happens with the phenomenon sell gold in continuous online games).


New perspectives in video games have been linked to the existence of NFT

Until now, it was always considered that in the digital context, “resale used items” was an almost non-existent concept. But if you can take advantage of blockchain to tenure regulation From a skin or a digital weapon, this can be transferred legally and safely from one player to another. The same concept can be extended to any “digitally owned” item in a game.

Target Metaverse

Not to mention the amazing scenarios that actually started with the so-called “Metaverse,” an alternate universe in which digital copies of ourselves live, buy, play, and work. In this universe, brilliantly described by Steven Spielberg in his book One ready player, the 2018 movie based on Enrnest Cline’s masterpiece, our avatars will need apparel, accessories and gadgets capable of making digital copies of our unique selves. That’s why more and more traditional brands, like Nike and Reebook but also our own Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana, are releasing NFT versions of some of their products to sell to Avatar in search of authenticity and exclusivity.

Moreover, this interchangeability also opens the way for a new form of In-game investment. As it already happens, to some extent, in games like Cryptokitsa digital asset can be “manipulated” by spending time increasing its virtual value – and then resell. And what if, for example, one of these games included items like virtual investments or gaming hardware like slot machines Like the ones in the real world (like the ones in Reactoonz.it) to dramatically increase your virtual capital? What if this could be Convert them into real currencies? It seems a distant reality, but it is probably less than one might expect.

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