Bitcoin challenges the $42,000 wall | May rise if… Analysis

Bitcoin Close $42,000This is due to the resistance that held yesterday and is likely to continue to dominate throughout the day, especially during the American session.

All in a largely sideways market stage, which can nevertheless resume flying even in light of great news that are traded in Relationship to adopt Bitcoin On a financial level as far as tangible use is concerned. With a little help it can also come from Tesla.

Bitcoin ready to hack 42000? Situation Analysis

In our opinion, except for what can happen in the short and very short term, a situation that can deliver excellent results Rising Developments. Upside developments we can invest in eToroGo here for a free virtual account with the best advanced services A broker who gives us everything we need to get close to BTC dollars financially.

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Bitcoin withstood the Nasdaq and tech disaster

The first point in favor of positive developments regarding the world Bitcoinespecially on the financial side, is what happens in Nasdaqwith several prominent companies located in deep red. Not only the case with Netflixbut also in more related sectors in the world Bitcoinas in fact PayPal.

A case that could mean, for the market value of Bitcoindisaster just a few weeks ago, when in reality this not only held up, but managed to recover from the local lows recorded during weekend.

The first show of strength in terms of price, at a time not entirely positive for the economy as such – which could be first page A completely different story from Bitcoinwhich could pull the rest of the crypto sector as well.

There are a lot of investments and payments

A lot is happening on a level too Payments Based on Investments potential by Classic Banks and the gods funds. But let’s go in order. strike Indeed A few days ago, I announced an important partnership in the United States of AmericaPartnership that will allow you to use it LN For payments at major brands and retailers such as Walmartbut also McDonald’sat least in United States of America. An important indication of the reliability of the payment services running on Bitcoin This allows us to look to the future, and perhaps even into it EuropeWith more confidence.

Europe Who sees without a doubt Germany Leading the industry ever since Commerzbank awaits crypto licensespecifically to allow institutional investors to access Market also from Bitcoin. A move likely to have an impact long time It is in any case a sign of the amount of movement within the market as well A big playerNow more and more interested Bitcoin Mainly on the financial side.

The good news is coming from Tesla

Another sign of how things are actually evolving comes from recession from Tesla regarding me Bitcoin Who has cash. During the classic meeting with investors, he led the group Elon Musk He confirmed that he still had everything he had Bitcoin And not sell any of them.

This is doubly good news: In the first place, the group did not sell and was afraid of weeks of market slowdown. Second, however, the whims of environmentalists did not succeed in affecting the treasure BTC dollars From the group of electric cars. Although we remember that the same group has withdrawn from accept Bitcoin Like Payment method or payment just for Fears of an environmental nature.

How will general market conditions affect Bitcoin’s future?

It is the great unknown that at least in our opinion will be resolved before we see it Bitcoin Back, perhaps fairly quickly, towards all-time highs. Inflation and conflict in Ukraine They joined what was already an extremely precarious situation that came out of Corona virus disease and global epidemic.

General situation who can pay central banks To operate in a more aggressive manner, draining capital from the markets. a situation in which, at least for the time being, Bitcoin Looks like it’s already been discounted. With all the ensuing flexibility for the future. We’ll see if BTC dollars You will succeed then turn On the one hand safe haven would allow him Beat the NASDAQ and the tech sector – And more generally, the most risky sectors that still seem to be related to them in terms of price.

Virtually Copying ETFs: If They Reach the US After Australia…

The good news, at the end of our in-depth study, comes from a world ETF. As our readers know well in Australia will hit the market as the first physical copywhich will force the fund itself to buy Bitcoin to Market.

This may be a boost to the price, even if bubble That everyone expects to come when United States of America They will give up, or rather, when they give up SEC and will give him plast To the ETF to physical repetition also in United States of America. A situation that is maturing and seeing pressure from fund managers growing more and more.

Could this also be a situation ready to be resolved in the short or medium term? Hard to say now. In the next few days, the fluctuations that make good traders fortune can still form. And we can take advantage of it platforms Which offers the top in terms of volatility tools, such as Capital.comGo here to get a 100% free virtual account – A broker that gives us the opportunity to invest with the highest tools such as MetaTrader 4 And TradingView together Web Trader But it is full of technical analysis tools.

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