Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, a path of excellence for industrial engineering, food science and human nutrition

For the next year, Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome continues to focus on merit and increase scholarship offer: Here are the spring dates for those who wish to try to enroll in one of the Romanian university courses that in the years have been characterized by interdisciplinary and integration of knowledge.

Industrial engineering, food science and human nutrition

Registration for early courses for the three-year coursework in Industrial Engineering, Food Science and Human Nutrition (Sanu) will end on April 20. Two selection pathways for qualifications only, aimed at graduates and created specifically to reward the most capable students in their final year of high school who will be accepted into selection without written exams or oral exams after the difficult times of learning and distance learning. exclusively on the basis of their academic results, with an average of at least 7/10.

For the three-year course in Food Science and Human Nutrition (SANU), with enrollment through April 1, there is also a ‘Track of Excellence’ for the most capable high school students. Students with a GPA of at least 8/10 in the third to last and penultimate academic year will be able to access the call. They will take a written test in logical and verbal comprehension, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology and then an oral exam. The top 3 scholarships will be offered to cover the full university fees for three years and a training project that, in addition to the basic training, will allow them to build a personalized study plan, being as comprehensive and interdisciplinary as possible, with exclusive activities already conducted since the first semester of lessons. Selected students will also be entitled to a preparatory course to obtain or maintain an IELTS language certificate and a summer school which is also organized in collaboration with other academic institutions or international organizations.

Once again for high school students, this time for those enrolled in the fourth year, the University in Via Álvaro del Portillo is launching the notice of the three-year “School-University” competition for Industrial Engineering, Food Science and Human Nutrition (SANO) with the possibility to anticipate a full-year university selection. Registration is open until June 6th. Candidates will be subject to remote testing.

Physiotherapy techniques and medical radiology

Regular sessions for the three-year degree courses in Physiotherapy and those for Medical Radiology Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques will also open on May 30: registration is possible until August 24 and the written test is already scheduled for September 2.


On the other hand, admissions for the Merit session for Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering, Intelligent Systems Engineering and Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development courses opened on March 15 (and will close on May 18). For Engineering, 3 scholarships per course will be awarded for a total of 9 scholarships covering the full two-year undergraduate course. To nurture talent and reward merit, the university offers scholarship winners a pathway to excellence that allows them to undertake further training and research activities. For the same three courses, the first session will also see a selection based on qualifications with registrations open from 15 March to 13 July. Admission to Master’s degree courses in Food Science, Human Nutrition, Food Science and Technology, and Supply Chain Management is also scheduled in April, with 3 scholarships awarded per course.


There is also a wide range of scholarships for all who have passed the selection test stage. In fact, all students enrolled in all degree courses at Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome can compete for the allocation of undergraduate scholarships that provide coverage of 50 percent of the university’s individual contribution for the first year (based on merit and income criteria). In cooperation with organizations and companies, Ucbm also offers other scholarships for full coverage of the degree course.

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