Commerzbank requires a crypto license! | Bitcoin revolution in Germany

there Germany It was ranked as the most hospitable country in the world for the crypto sector just a few days ago Bitcoin And the news that comes from Berlin Today they seem to confirm this trend.

the group Commerzbank In fact, he was going to apply to BaFin (German CONSOB) for licensing encryptionIt is the first among the major companies in the country to move in this direction. every while in Italia We are still on the horizon and large groups are still very hostile to this sector.

Commerzbank targets crypto license

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Commerzbank is the first major German bank to enter the cryptocurrency world

What is happening Germany? Simple: one of the largest banks in the country decided to take a step forward into a world Bitcoin Based on Cryptocurrency. An important step given the importance of the institution and the economy in which it operates.

Commerzbank In fact, he applied to BaFinwhich will be the homogeneous power of CONSOB at Germanygrant a coding licenseor permission for banks (and any financial institution) to operate as well exchangeor offer to buy and sell Crypto assets.

An important step forward, as it would allow the group to operate on its own without having to rely on third-party services. This is perhaps the first time that a group of such lineages has followed a path of this kind. In addition, obtaining the license will allow the organization to submit the offer as well nursery services Always in the crypto world.

And according to what has been circulated in German newspapers, it will be an attempt to try to climb up to the customers mainly institutionaland then fundsAnd the big banks and in all likelihood in the future also public authorities, such as municipalities and landowners.

Great news from Europe that doesn’t know which way to go

while on the level Europeans don’t seem to know which way to go – at Germany Something is moving and at important levels. at the same Germany Big chests have been able to do this for quite some time Invest in cryptocurrency even with large sumsAlso, also available ETF In the extra. This is the Germany Is it really a beacon? Hard to say, because we will face other kinds of obstacles on the level European As well as in the face of normal political resistance.

However, it is worth emphasizing the commitment of a group of this size, on the contrary What is happening in Italy with Unicredit. Mark that even in the so-called ancient europe at reality Someone is trying to change the cards on the table. thanks for the duty from Bitcoin but also until big crowd which are now more numerous and eager to buy also through classic channels. A good sign, even if a cash network is created specifically to dispense with the hips, you do not necessarily need it. we will see.

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