Cryptocurrencies pegged with 10% monthly income!

earn with Cryptocurrency It is possible not only thanks trade, That is, buying and selling by exploiting price fluctuations, but there is another equally profitable possibility of creating negative rent with them.

This is the Cryptocurrency storage Which consists of freezing a certain amount of tokens and receiving interest in return.

If many exchanges and digital wallets offer the possibility of storing cryptocurrencies, today we will talk about it BLOCTOPIA offered to those who hold The original cryptocurrency BLOK Double chance to get rewards by blocking a certain amount.

Combined with classic staking bloktopia complexes, it will be a new virtual reality (metaverse) On the Blockchain, it offers the possibility of Jobe pools.

It involves connecting an amount Cryptocurrency BLOKbut with the scheme BLOK Co-Owned Enterprise (JOBE), Thanks to him it is as if users own a part of NFT Many people who use it pay a monthly rent.

What is a jointly owned BLOK Enterprise (JOBE) scheme and how does it differ from cryptocurrency hoarding

To understand what the scheme is Joby from BLOCTOPIA How to make money with cryptocurrency BLOK, We must first understand why this program was created.

Bloktopia is a metaverse, that is, a virtual reality where the graphic resources are NFT which bases its ecosystem on the original cryptocurrency BLOK.

right Now, 1 BLOK equals 0.015 € todaywith the maximum peak in the golden age of cryptocurrencies, i.e. in November 2021, of 0.13 euros per unit.

At the moment, the BLOK token is definitely bearish and, like all crypto assets, has been affected by the macroeconomic situation, including The increase in interest rates Central banks, which caused the collapse of cryptocurrencies in the markets, think about Bitcoin.

However, the massive price increase experienced by the digital currency BLOK led to problems launching the metaverse. This is because of the resources NFT for plots of land, Coming soon, pre-priced BLOK, But if the token returns even near its all-time high, that means that the price virtual lot It would be disproportionate and the metaverse would not be accessible to most users.

Jobe’s schema was created specifically to overcome this potential problem in order to make part of the metaverse more accessible to all.

This program is meant to be in keeping with the classics staking pool He made it accessible to everyone NFT by Bloktopia.

How Jobe Pools Work in Bloktopia and How to Create Passive Income From Owning Cryptocurrencies

BLOCTOPIA It will be a virtual reality representing a 21-storey skyscraper They are all inspired by the topic of cryptocurrency. In fact, the virtual headquarters of the major crypto companies will be hosted.

In short, by connecting a minimum amount of 4800 block You will become a co-owner from NFT The crypto companies hire you and in return you will get a monthly fee. practically with Joby You can buy shares of NFTs from the metaverse.

Jobe pool consists mainly in the possibility of buying shares, as if “shares”, corresponding to a minimum 1,000 contracts Worth 4800 BLOK each. Each share that can be purchased is actually equal to 0.1% of Jobe and costs 4800 block. Tenants of NFTs, i.e. virtual contracts in the metaverse, which are mostly crypto companies, pay a rental fee to metaverse stock holders, which can be collected on the second of every month and consists of 10% of the tied amount.

How to enter the Jobe pool and win the cryptocurrency BLOK

At this moment they are there 48 Gopi Active Gathering in Blocktopia, However, the astounding success of this initiative means that almost all spaces are already occupied.

In any case, every time a participant withdraws a fee that someone else can take over, so a tip for those who want to participate in this initiative is to check periodically for free spaces.

Making the Blocktopia development team known to others Gopi Pol However, they will be open in the future to expand the pool of participants.

To participate in the JOBE scheme and earn cryptocurrency, it is necessary first of all to buy a number BLOK icon In multiples of 4800.

In fact, remember that each share costs 4800 BLOK as a fixed amount and corresponds to 0.1% of NFT . lot Customizable in assembly.

In addition to the BLOK token, it will also be necessary to have the MATIC cryptocurrency, which is the original currency ribbed The blockchain on which it is based Blocktopia Metaverse It works, because with it the transaction fee will be paid when the tokens are linked.

Another necessity is to own a crypto wallet Metamsk Because the only one that the platform currently supports.

As for the NFT Remember integers that AirDrop a lot of BLOCTOPIA Soon this will also lead to a rise in Cryptocurrency BLOK.

How Classic Crypto Staking Works on Bloktopia

Bloktopia users who own the BLOK token can also access the classic system of Cryptocurrency storage Withhold an amount and earn interest.

Also in this case, staking pools follow a logic first come first served, That is, staking pools have limited space and once the token limit is reached, you have to wait for other pools to open or for someone to withdraw their pool.

The pools offer different possibilities for ska il: short, medium and long term, with a APY which range from 20% to 60%.

The Cryptocurrency storage It is explained in every aspect in the YouTube video edited by Tiziano Tredeco Which we report below:

More on the Bloktopia metaverse and its origins NFT

BLOCTOPIA It is an upcoming metaverse that will be a virtual 21-storey skyscraper. Choosing the number 21 is not random because it corresponds to the amount of tokens Bitcoin which can be extracted with the extension Mining.

The dominant theme for this Virtual Reality In fact, it will be cryptocurrency and will be hosting the virtual headquarters of major crypto companies, according to the development team as well BTC They will be based in Metaverse, but the news has not been confirmed by other sources.

For the rest, this metaverse will allow its users to own properties, participate in events and play video games play to earn And everything that is usually presented in the digital world.

Bloktopia, a 21-storey virtual skyscraper designed to be a ‘shopping mall’ for cryptocurrency

BLOCTOPIA It will contain everything that users need to know about cryptocurrencies and NFT.

The authors believe that Bloktopia is a file “Shopping Center” Each cryptocurrency and each exchange will have its own selling point.

In these 21 floors of skyscrapers, the Levels 1, 6 and 21. Level 1 contains the central hub, i.e. a lobby that also serves as a help desk and where visitors to Bloktopia can find any kind of information and even exchange cryptocurrency.

to me Level 6 Alternatively, there is a hall where there will be introductory videos and guides about the world of cryptocurrency.

The Floor 21 Instead, it has a luxury penthouse apartment and will be the gaming area, i.e. video games that are open to all and gambling games that only adults can access.

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